The role and features a variety of cameras on the street, you know?

Just driving down the road, there will be countless eyes in "spying" can be so many cameras are illegal to shoot it? In fact, different cameras have different functions, today I gave you about science!

1. illegally parked capture

This camera is mainly installed in a no parking zone, some parts of the illegal parking of vehicles too, to some extent, make a small "contribution" to the local fiscal revenue. In fact, even more frightening is that this camera has a zoom function, it may be a few hundred meters can be seen clearly.

2. Electronic Police

The police are the most common electronic camera, the main function is to capture a wide range of road violations, such as U-turn chaos, chaotic change lanes, do not proceed in accordance with the guide, running red lights, creasing and so on ... ... is more powerful, this camera has a fill light LED, illegal capture so good at night.

3. bayonet capture (high-speed)

Such cameras usually appear on the designated national highway or high-speed position, the main function is to capture speeding and high resolution camera, people in the car are seen clearly.

4. traffic monitoring

Its role is mainly road traffic statistics, usually installed on a pole or electronic police lights, and some more advanced intelligent lights is to rely on the traffic lights to control the time of waiting.

5. Skynet monitor

The streets everywhere can see this camera, plays an important role in the fight against crime and the staff lost, experience crime, public security departments may be the first time the transfer of video, looking for clues to the suspects.

Finally, I want to say: see various cameras, without fear, to comply with the rules of driving, is the last word!

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