Tire deflated a little fancy, but everything is normal tire pressure is Why?

Tires are an important part of the cars, the equivalent of our feet, usually in front of the high-speed run or long-distance travel be sure to check the tire pressure is normal, but sometimes find whenever kick the tires tire pressure, feeling soon It will be deflated. Why is this?

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, most of the tires are vacuum, normal tire pressure value of 2.2 Dao 2.6/bar, as long as the tires to give extra time to reach the normal tire pressure value can not worry about normal driving, even the naked eye a little deflated, but if the tire pressure beyond the normal range, the high, the low will not work.

Tire "inside" logo

Sometimes on the tire inside to see the logo, what does it mean? In fact, this is to allow the master to install better discern the wheel anyway, if you do not see this logo is likely to be internal and external sides of the tire installed backwards.

Yellow dot marks on the wheel

Some tires have a yellow dot above, what does this represent? This identification Description This is the lightest of the tire where the valve can be seen very important, make the whole tire uniform force.

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