Yourself to the car waxing

Remember the brilliant time to buy a home in his new car look like it? If the paint falling into disrepair, probably two, three years will gradually show its age. Many paint maintenance methods, such as a film, there are coating, waxing and more. Waxing should be considered where cost is relatively low, and the same effect is also very good. Generally, we in the car wash, car wash wax call back, cheap place to charge 60 yuan up or down, if you use some of the big brands wax, high-end car wash a little, it might spend nearly hundred dollars, of course, for their own car "face", more than the tens of dollars can be considered worth it.

Today we will talk with everyone, of course, is not how to spend tens of dollars waxing the car wash thing. After all, this is not our ad, and today we share with you the real deal and save money coup, yourself waxing a car. Because if we own a car wax, wax hands and then take the time, in fact, less than one-tenth of the cost of the car wash. Usually the market price of a box of ordinary wax between 50-100 yuan, under normal circumstances can be used 10 times, that is to say, a single will cost about 5 dollars.

Currently Auto Parts City, Taobao business and major electricity supplier has a very rich kind of wax for your choice. Cheap ordinary wax from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars of high-end wax readily available. Here we suggest that you buy some big brands in the mid-price car wax is enough, prices are generally between 60-150 yuan, it is the most cost-effective option, but we usually choose nothing less than the brand of car wax 3M, turtle, Resona Alex several big brands, including 3M and turtle license price is more close to the people, tens of dollars can buy a good car wax, wax Resona Alex are high-end, basic prices are more than $ 150.

We know that the wax paint protection principle, a thin film of wax formed in the paint, so paint is not in direct contact with the air, thereby slowing the rate of oxidation of paint, and to reduce the larger particles in the air and sun the ultraviolet damage to the paint surface.

Different states also divided wax, solid wax, paste wax, liquid wax and wax emulsions. Methods used in different states, there are some distinct differences, below we will introduce you one by one using a different method of different wax.

Also wax can be divided into routine maintenance and functional type, such as black paint car special car wax, you can make the car even more black shiny finish, a special wax milling agent added for grinding aging or injured paint, car wax inside that contains more fine particles can fix minor injuries finish by milling fine particles. (It should be noted, since it is a function of type of wax, it must require the corresponding functions they need. For example, with wax milling functions, usually only applies to the old train at age systemic waxing, because Chela was grinding out a small amount of milling agent can outermost aging varnish, so that the old car look new lease on life. polished or milled locally damaged paint etc. for just bought a new car, can not be used with milling agent Chela whole body waxing, because there is no direct aging varnish was milled out, is actually detrimental to the finish, it is not worth). However, because the use of these waxes and wax ordinary about the same but different functions, so we will focus on here in the state of wax presentation, classification aspects we will not repeat the talk, after all, most people are based paint for the maintenance main purpose.

(second step) is very important to choose the right venue

Waxing a car is first selected site is important, try to choose open space open air, because the wax contains harmful chemicals, there is a certain pungent odor and toxicity, improper use of the human central nervous system inhibition, may cause drowsiness, dizziness, so if there are owners of respiratory diseases is recommended according to their actual body consider, as appropriate, if conditions permit, may consider wearing a mask. Of course, the selected open space, have to pay attention not waxing in strong sunlight, because of the strong sunlight can cause paint to heat, overheating will make the paint adhesion of the wax becomes low, thus affecting waxing effect.

(third step) and then first car wash and waxing

To the front of the car must remember that waxing the car wash, dirty car is not waxing, because there is a small angular dust, when waxing rub back and forth repeatedly, these fine dust can damage the paint, so more harm than good . And if the vehicle surface is dirty, we will operate inconvenient, dirty clothes do not say, dust everywhere on the body is not good.

Five own repair Note!