The inner loop can drive with crown isolated new virus?

drove inner loop, like you're at home closed, the second door step, of course, his own family situation is crystal clear, is unlikely there will be any problem.

The inner loop can drive with crown isolated new virus?1

circulating virus can be isolated to some extent,

cabin air is circulating within the number of how many they have to change, the outside air flow is not coming in, it cut off the risk of the virus sneak into.

the air conditioning cycle, the air inside the vehicle can not be exchanged with the outdoor air, the air exchange rate 0.

is a talking: driving the circulating outside air to enter, which air can not get out.

So, if the car is not a virus, the virus does not come out of.

It's like your own at home planted eat a la carte, total cooking time is still not scared: I wash the dishes to be more, there is no fear of people used non-compliant pesticide ?

"Oh," your own kind.

But the air-conditioning duct inside the inner loop only by a flap, open, pass it, shut it, are all within the loop, spin and spin faucet is about the same.

Some cars, air conditioning flap design strength is not enough, may lead to faster speed when the air "hum" when blown, there will be a small part of it into the car inside .

like a faucet, you know you can go in by the leader, right? You have to press the weight, "Oh," the water will not come out.

But the water pressure is too big, "bared" look, do not you have a jetted yet? Almost truth.

need not worry too much about viruses in the air will come in

In fact, for such a small amount into the air, do not worry too much about the virus coming in.

virus in the air is difficult to survive

First, the spread of the virus vector is required, it alone can not live in the air, is the need for host cell in a host of the.

a bit like a parasite, life can not take care of themselves, to rely on other people alive.

China Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for prevention of novel coronavirus, the virus transmission of three kinds: droplets, aerosols and dissemination of contact.

We in the car, more concerned about the air which is mixed with the virus, which is spread aerosols.

and a particle size of less than 10m droplets of droplet nuclei, can be suspended in the air for a long time among, and we usually look a bit like a fog.

This aerosol inhalation, there is indeed the possibility of infection.

exposure to the virus through the air but not live long.

when the Chinese Academy of Sciences Gao Fu CCTV interview, he has a saying: the novel coronavirus is an enveloped virus, is not suited for the in vitro environment, less than half will die of.

viruses are generally difficult to enter the car

In addition, prior to the air vehicle, are filtered through the air filter once, the virus is substantially less than the car into .

School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University has a thesis, "studied automotive air conditioning filter performance test method" talk above.

automotive air conditioning filter for filtering fine particles, the maximum penetration particle diameter between 0.1 to 1m.

Although viruses generally are about the diameter of 0.1m, but just now said, is the need for the media the virus, itself alone can not live, in the car to worry about is the aerosol.

Chongqing University have papers, "Ward droplets sources and propagation characteristics of the human body" talk above.

more domestic and foreign scholars have done research, and after a summary: particle size droplets generated by coughing, about 90?o 95?etween 2 and 10m.

and dried droplet nuclei, the vast majority of between 0.6 to 2m.

Talking: coughing, sneezing, breathing will produce a variety of different diameters of droplets and droplet nuclei, but all can be effectively filtered out of the air filter.

filter attached to the top of the virus is not a bug, it does not say: "!! You waiting for me to climb inside the car to you tomorrow," will not have this kind of thing.

In fact, this also explains, is also now possible to drive away cycle. Because the outside air to enter the car, the first is to go through the filter of the air conditioner.

Well you can turn to: say you should wash windows at home, more ventilation.

If the virus really fluttering in the air, but also to live a long time, you open a window, well, we all die. Do not we all shut up, keep our noses to themselves?

not the case, right?

So, unless patients or virus carriers from entering the car, or the car is still relatively safe.

in the case of driving points, the outer loop

Overall, drove to deal with the virus is the most reasonable approach: open space, no people, no cars where ventilation change with outside air circulation, and you are at home on the ventilation window to reason about.

"hey" the way it was, the hospital on the edge, the edge isolation point, underground parking relatively confined space, or where the risk is relatively large, with the inner loop, then you will be more secure some of his thoughts.

ECU can not just brush, the consequences could be very serious!