Maintain their own automatic transmission

Now the city's traffic situation is getting worse, stop and go when the traffic jam, get out of a manual transmission car owners cope with their tired. Therefore, lightweight, easy of automatic car almost became the first car most city people dizzy although automatic car easy to use convenient, but because of the automatic transmission system is a very sophisticated assembly, especially tiptronic automatic transmission its structure is complex. Therefore, once the automatic transmission fails to repair, but very cumbersome and expensive. In view of this, automatic transmission need to be more careful care and maintenance.

Regularly check the gearbox oil

Within the automatic transmission is an injection of lubricating oil ATF called, in addition to its role in lubricating cooling, but the main thing is to transfer power between the engine and gearbox. Working oil temperature ATF is generally about 120 degrees Celsius, so the high quality requirements of oil must also be kept clean.

Always check the automatic transmission fluid level is normal. Check method of automatic transmission fluid and engine oil is not the same, to check the engine oil is in the cold state, the transmission oil is the oil needs to be heated to about 50 , and then stays in the gear shift lever 2 seconds after the parking gear is placed, this time the oil dipstick normal should be between the highest and lowest line, such as not necessary to add the same oil quality.

Usually either a manual gearbox or automatic transmission is recommended up to 12 months or twenty thousand kilometers replace an automatic transmission fluid, but also on some models of written instructions for use for 24 months or forty thousand kilometers replace. However, the above is only recommended under normal circumstances, due to the special condition Beijing, sandstorm weather, poor road congestion, air quality, we recommend regular inspection and timely replacement vehicle to ATF.

The right to replace the gearbox oil

Generally when changing ATF mostly Remove the screws automatic transmission oil pan to miss the old oil then add new oil, but this can only put on about 30?f the new oil, but also 70?f the used oil still remaining in the gearbox. If the way to demolition sump oil change, can reach 70?f the oil exchange ratio, so in fact it has been able to ensure the health of the gearbox. But the better approach is dynamic oil change oil change, transmission using a dedicated cleaning equipment, in the course of transmission has been operated in the full cycle of old oil, drained and then add a new gearbox oil, so oil change rate of 90?rDifferent friction coefficients General Motors, Toyota, Ford and other brands of automatic gearbox oil ATF so different, can not be mixed. Mix ATF, can cause damage to the gearbox friction plate, appear clutch, brake slip phenomenon, serious will destroy the lining.

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