The car was soaked, the owner of the insurance company rescue why stop?

Recently a driver to drive your own car

Burst into the pond

Up to 15 hours flooded the roof

It is curious

Insurance companies sent to the scene cranes

The owner even tried to stop

There had amazing insider!

Hemou driving with two friends, the way would like a cigarette, then open the window, one hand on the steering wheel, one hand and start her cigarette machine, and then the habit of cigarette with his right hand and gave a friend. Just Diyan moment, the right car suddenly rushed, rushed into the pond side of the road!

All three were crawling out from the pond, Chen also reported that after the accident insurance, the insurance company was soon sent to the crane, the owner of the site to prevent Chen crane operations, slips 300 to crane drivers dismissed. Until 10 o'clock the next morning, he called a crane to another, the car hanging from the pond up and sent to the repair shop. At this time, the vehicle has soak for 15 hours, the vehicle completely scrapped.

Insurance claims investigation found that many abnormal

According to Chen's insurance records, vehicle scrapped Volvo car, the insurance company to compensate 200,000 yuan! Insurance companies visited learned that the car before the accident, while the open side of the black smoke, he drove past even the road are not clear. Traffic police and obtain surveillance also confirmed this.

Responsible for checking the vehicle's insurance company repair experts found that the car is imported cars, but all vehicle parts replaced with parts made in China. If you press this car imported car, the insurance company claims to be 20 million, but if the current cheap spare parts to calculate, it is far enough on the 200,000 the amount of claims.

Before the car twice claims records, a truck rear-end, the amount of claims at first small car was 1.9 million, and later changed to 8000 yuan for some reason; another record amount of claims up to 17 million. Insurance companies put these findings in front of Chen, he very readily signed a protocol: voluntary renunciation of claims, all losses by themselves. Currently, the case is still under further investigation, if the owner is suspected of potentially fraudulent, the insurance company will be reported to the police department, legal liability.

How insurance fraud is identified

* Refers to the illegal obtaining insurance for the purpose, in violation of insurance laws and regulations, the use of fictitious or an insured accident and other methods to defraud insurance to insurance companies, a large amount of behavior, should bear corresponding responsibility.

Insurance fraud is a crime to constitute willful, negligent subjective guilt can not be the content of this crime, it is clear that the owners Chen deliberately make damage to vehicles.

Use deception factor is the perpetrator to commit essential. In this way, the perpetrator, while committing the crime of insurance fraud, it might violate other regulations.

Insurance fraud mainly false means to obtain premium.

"Criminal Law" Article 100 ninety-eight provisions:

[Insurance fraud] of the following circumstances, conduct of insurance fraud, the larger the amount, term imprisonment or criminal detention, impose a fine of 100,000 yuan; there is a huge amount, or other serious circumstances than five years imprisonment and a 20,000 yuan up to 200,000 yuan; the amount involved is especially huge or other especially serious circumstances, less than 10 years imprisonment, impose a yuan and 200,000 yuan or confiscation of property:

(D) the insured, the insured intentionally caused insured property damage accident, deceive insurance money.

Rub the car but can not find the perpetrators, how can you do?