The car is easy to filth

Car wash when many people are rubbing the appearance of shiny, interior and do not care. But in fact, for the naked eye to see dirty, and those who can not see the bacteria is the most dirty, we get along almost every day related to car interiors where we most often make contact, if a long time do not appear to care though nothing, but in fact dirty impact on our health, here we are concerned that filth which places most likely to have?

1. car seat belt seat belt is our most frequent contact recently components, a long time will change color belts become dirty, unhealthy, take a look at the taxi seat belt will know. Owners can use dish detergent to clean soiled rag.

2. The air-conditioned car owners have experienced a lot of wind blowing out air-conditioning with a bad taste, because the air conditioning is not a long time to clean up, the outlet has accumulated a certain amount of dust and bacteria, over time, it comes out of the difficult smell the smell.

When air conditioning needs to rationalize the circulating air inside and outside, the air inside the air filter is a filter member, tend to darken after some time, if it is necessary to replace the dirty.

Further, in the air conditioning need cleaning, it becomes moist inside air-conditioned, it is easy to breed bacteria. To the best regular maintenance of your body, especially the children out to play often with the owners

3, the gear wheel and

As long as we drive will be used steering wheel, steering wheel and gear our hands also have access to the most frequently used parts, hand me another pass directly above the bacteria, was finished after the car wash if not directly affect the healthy eating while driving

There are special stalls manual transmission, often require lifting gear. So it is very frequent contact, a long time above the dirt and bacteria is particularly high.

The car can prepare a disinfectant wipes, when nothing can wipe these places, many will be clean.

4. MAT, the general election will choose a dark mat, the color of dirt, so many owners do not like to clean up the mats, one troublesome, and second, looks clean, but we all know mats with their feet every day step on the dirtiest, whether it is dirt on shoes, or eat snacks fall food crumbs, if not cleared up very perishable.

Many owners to clean mats way is to shake out, palliative. Recommended cleaners and washed with a special cleaning agent.

The chair seat Needless to say, a long time without cleaning also easy to breed bacteria, especially a seat cushion and fold gap, debris, dust, hair, and so on breeding like slit, the slit clean cotton swab, or buy a bottle of specialized cleaning detergent regular cleaning of the seat.

6. trunk of the car trunk as the maximum storage space, owners can put all kinds of debris in the trunk, and even fruits and vegetables, and sometimes opened the trunk as well as unpleasant odors.

Cleaning plush trunk is the most critical part, not water, is to use the correct multifunctional foam, the dirt may be brushed clean with a brush, in addition to the cleaning process, but also pay attention to the trunk edge clean the dirt tank after washing once the best performing odor treatment, so the pad behind a newspaper last long trip, came back to throw.

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