The brand vehicle quilt how to do?

Deck phenomenon, we are no strangers, perhaps sometimes think that far away from us, but with the surge in the number of motor vehicles, in recent years the number of car deck are skyrocketing, imagine that one day, our car should be how to quilt cards do? on this issue and we talk about the car deck of things.

How to find the license plate quilt?

Regularly check their violation records

To discover the car was "deck" should develop the habit of regularly checking violation records. We recommend that every twelve weeks Authority to pay the landing site inquiries carried out illegal, even if he did not confirm the violation must periodically query, so suspicious problems can be promptly identified and addressed. If you can not find any violation of their daily habits, in case we did not find the license plate quilt, until the vehicle inspection to pay a fine, have not only monetary loss, but when the details of the violation may have forgotten.

suspect license plate quilt how to do?

1, reserved all available evidence

If we are everyday driving rules, but found illegal information, then we must be vigilant. We have to do is to retain all relevant evidence, for proof of the vehicle when not in use illegal shooting or illegal sites appear. For example, the vehicle was taken to retain illegal bills in the off-site parking, information related to surveillance video, the conditions can retain the tachograph in the active video information when parking, etc., which may not directly explain the problem, but with it than without well, do accumulate for the next verify the information.

2, to the traffic team to verify the violation information

At the same time gathering evidence of accumulation, we should go as soon as the traffic team to be photographed location information to verify, confirm whether the quilt cards by looking at the photos and other illegal means to take pictures, and transportation and team staff to explain the situation and ask for help.

If the confirmation quilt brand should I do?

The first step: go to the location of illegal traffic team to verify the information

Whether you confirm that they quilt cards by what means, then the need to carry all the formalities associated with the vehicle, such as a travel book, vehicle registration certificates, insurance policies, etc. related to vehicle data, as well as pre-collection alibi and so on, go to It is to declare the traffic team pictures area. Traffic Team will be based on procedures and evidence provided by the owners, combined with illegal information to determine whether you really verify quilt cards.

The second step: to get the location of illegal traffic team to show proof of license plate quilt

Traffic Team will take a picture of your vehicle, then the situation than illegal to take pictures of the car deck illegal, of course, this verification process of confirmation and no clear standard, providing evidence of violations of the law and each car is different. For example, two car looks very similar or common violation of one or two may prove difficult to judge them there; such as the recent increase in illegal suddenly not working properly, or the car deck with the original car there is significant difference in appearance, it is necessary to confirm the screening may easily Some, therefore we provide information and evidence sufficient to show whether the license plate quilt no one could determine, can do is try to provide all the evidence of the whole, actively cooperate with the traffic team to verify the work.

The third step: Go to the specified number change Vehicle Administration conducted

If all goes well recognized as a quilt licensing, illegal traffic camera location team will present the case of a quilt with a description of the vehicle license, the owner can prove that this visit took Vehicle license plate number of the car changes carried out. This makes the original number written off, even if the car deck has not been caught, he would not recorded violations in the original owner's head, the drawbacks of this approach is the need to change the original license plate number, but it is currently processing units brand car only effective method.

Related questions

Make sure the license plate quilt, previous violation fines Who will pay?

Many people are very concerned about my car quilt cards, and so many of violation fines Who will pay? We visited the learned, after confirming quilt cards, transportation team from the date of issuance of the note, the owner should go through the formalities as soon as possible license change , while receiving a temporary license on the road, violations occur in the meantime, you can go to the traffic team to explain the situation, confirmed to be eliminated.

Illegal information appeared before been identified deck, if the deck clear differences in models with the original models, after being identified as the car deck can go to the traffic team to provide evidence to explain the situation, to be eliminated after confirmation.

However, this provision will still exist some problems in practice, surrounded by a colleague who had a quilt brand experience, the car deck were illegally present in Beijing nine districts, according to later be recognized as the car deck area ratio of 8 the traffic team have been treated and were issued to eliminate illegal proof, only a lack of evidence District traffic team refused to eliminate, but unfortunately had to pay out of their pocket for the car deck. Thus, although with clear, however, if the vehicle deck exactly the same as with the original car, can not tell in operation, or cause traffic team not to be the case eliminated, this loss may be other reasons can only assume the owners, so owners need periodic attention here their vehicles.

How to reduce the quilt cards might?

1, regularly check violation records, they are suspicious of illegal information promptly verify.

2, lost or stolen license plate promptly went to the public security organs.

3, can be done in a special sign appearance of the vehicle, for various different from other vehicles. As in the case does not violate the relevant provisions that do not affect the line of sight of the car and other standard and logo can be replaced at regular intervals after the windscreen posted.

4, once confirmed quilt license plate number should be replaced, not because of reluctant to give up the old number for a license, although some meaningful numbers or hard to come by, but compared to the quilt brand brought about risks, suggest that you timely change.

5, found the deck behavior, should be promptly reported, the preservation of evidence.

from themselves better to avoid quilt card

1, civilized driving

For the car deck, we must first develop a civilized driving driving habits, everyday driving illegal situation should be avoided as much as possible. Do this, we can clearly distinguish which is certainly not illegal to drive their own cause, for the deck behavior also identified a number of more positive.

2, the vehicle loaned to ask what

Friends may borrow a vehicle quite common, but before the vehicle loan be sure to ask where to go, probably a few starting points to return, to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future appears.

Do not buy and use fake number plate

Finally, asked one, the public security department for the car deck of the punishment is very severe, if it is found using the car deck will be temporarily detained the vehicle, recorded 12 points penalty and fined 1,500 yuan, but also held accountable users. Also when you buy used cars do not buy those formalities incomplete vehicle of unknown origin, once they do not complete the formalities, license to apply not only by less than insurance and legal protection, there may be implicated in some of the theft, stolen goods and other acts , it would be too more harm than good.

to sum up:

Deck, a sound like a distant fact in violation around us, with the increase in ownership of a motor vehicle, the number of such car deck are skyrocketing away from us, on the one hand the need to intensify the crackdown management, as well as each of the owners need to improve awareness, and jointly create a good car environment, but also for their kind of protection.

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