Teach your vehicle difficult to start treatment

Every morning rush car owners often encounter such a problem, the ignition start to lay a few times to start, in addition to excessive fuel consumption, climbing weakness, or a few days after the park can not start, do not go back after the ignition key problems like the ON position. The problem is not that a waste of valuable time, as well as possible security risks. For these cases the owners encountered Lukin root of modern car repair service experts to conduct diagnosis.

Case - ignition start play N times

Pang is a businessman, usually drive catch. Each time the car, inserted the key and a spin in place, will start on fire. Recently, he found the car difficult to start up, fight a few times to start the fire. Sometimes, a business trip, put the car in the garage for a long time, more often need to fight. Even after a successful start, I feel a loss of power than before, while walking the ramp obviously feeling soft. After excluding factors air conditioning, power of influence, he suspected a problem with the engine, the car to the 4S shop to repair several times, maintenance staff did not identify any fault with it.

Expert diagnosis: the problem lies in the way the ignition key. Most people are accustomed to insert the ignition key immediately. In fact, this is not true. Even now the popular one-button start systems, ignition can not immediately, otherwise it will damage the engine.

This is because the engine is still in a cooled state, especially a long time parked car, engine operating parameters, and the thermal state of the previous day is completely different, each sensor needs to be readjusted, if a key is inserted into the boot, engine operating parameters the raw data is abnormal, it failed to start or multiple failed to start appears. Even a successful start, can also cause excessive fuel consumption or engine overheating. Because the computer has automatic memory function, long-term effect, erroneous data will overwrite the old data is correct, eventually leading to weakness climbing, big fuel consumption, carbon deposition serious engine overheating and other soft fault. And this is hard to find fault judgment, engine overhaul even if the fault can not be excluded.

Ignition is correct: ACC rotated to insert the key stop, wait about 2-3 seconds, so that the main power relay contacts firm contact, so that a first portion of the device to be powered is energized; continue key is turned ON, and then stop and wait 6-10 seconds, so that the pump relay, waiting for the state of each sensor adjustment is completed, the START key is turned back to return the engine to run continuously at oN, under the guidance of the computer, the automatic adjustment of an optimum position and optimal parameters, the last successful start the engine. However, for temporary or short period of time can not stop after stop, just after the yellow lights on the instrument panel goes out to observe, you can quickly start.

Hard twist off key

Insert car keys but twisting does not move, a little hard, did not think the key is broken up. Speaking of this matter, the owner of Miss Lee grouchy. According to her, last Thursday she drove into the garage, but the key is inserted twist does not move, hard twist, the key is broken. At that time, there is urgent need to meet an important client, can not lock the car, but to let customers call an apology, then call for help everywhere, which makes their own find any, but for remedial well and almost lost that customer .

Expert diagnosis: This can not turn with the steering wheel is a reason, it is necessary to retreat, grasp the key turn in the opposite direction of what you can. Therefore, if the key is inserted can not move, do not force twist, side can turn the steering wheel side turn the key, you can easily solve.

Note that the tire outside direction