Note that the tire outside direction

Recently, I learned some of the neglected small tire knowledge, here to share with you.

Tire production date should be resolved apart from security:

Tire rubber products, so there will be rubber aging phenomenon. Shelf life of the tire rubber is generally 4 - 5 years. After the shelf life of the tire rubber will result in accelerated aging of the tire performance.

As shown above, "9MCR0810" tire production date code. Among them, the last four digits "0810" indicates that this tire is "10" Year "8" Zhou products.

Will look at the tires production date does not mean you must buy a new tire. Some unscrupulous businessmen modified by special mold production date stamped on the tire, the tire expired inventory as a brand new tire sales, earn high post. In general, unscrupulous traders to achieve the purpose of tampering with the date of manufacture of the tire by grinding or removing the markings on the original date of manufacture of tires, then paste the new logo. Thus, these "rescheduled tire" production date and identification of the tire is not a whole, generally identified with the edge seams or irregularities. Consumers when buying tires should be noted that if the production date to identify the position of the edge seams or uneven tire situation, avoid buying inferior "rescheduled tire."

Note that when the inner and outer tire mounting direction:

Outside of the inner tire will be mounted such that the drainage properties trans single guide or asymmetric tread of the tire and grip performance greatly reduced. Found inside and outside tire anti-loaded appear, please go to the repair shop to reinstall the tire.

Outside of the tire usually printed with "OUTSIDE" word, date of manufacture, or "DOT" mark. By identifying which one of these three can be judged i.e. outside of the tire.

Lightest point identifier tire wall:

As a composite rubber tire material, its quality is difficult to achieve absolute uniform distribution. Therefore, some manufacturers will wall lightest point identification indicia on the tire in the tread of the tire. Wheel mainly consists of three parts: a hub, tire valve. The hub is attached to the valve position of maximum quality, and thus the tire when the tire is mounted to the lightest point identifier corresponding to the valve installed, play a complementary role in the overall mass distribution of the tire balance.

Maximum vibration point identifier tire wall:

Maximum vibration point identifier identifying the tire longitudinal tire maximum point of the steel. In the process of revolution of the tire, the point of maximum vibration position of the maximum vibration point identification. Rotation of the tire on the ground one week, after which each angle is subjected to vibration forces are not equal, a phenomenon known RFV (Radial Force Variation). When the RFV is too large, the tires will produce vibrations that can be felt by the driver, affect vehicle driving comfort. Usually a large tire manufacturers marks a position of this point on the tire during product testing, tires found vibration value exceeded then it is treated as waste. Tires for maximum vibration point mark meaning the consumer is unlikely, so you will not see such a mark on all products on the market. But RFV argument as an important criterion for the homogeneity of the tire material to be detected is RFV product quality control processes in the production of tire enterprises must be carried out.

Summary: This article describes the four little-known small tire knowledge. Which comprises: a tread rescheduled, outside of the tire identification, and the maximum vibration point identification lightest point identification. Careful observation should buy tires, avoid buying "rescheduled tire." And when mounting the tire will have to pay attention to the lightest point identifier corresponding to the valve hub. Meanwhile, outside of the tire during the mounting must be outwardly. Do the above three points and ensure the safety of your tires in a reasonable way to tire maintenance.

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