Take the car battery tool

In this era of mobile phones less have charged just once a day, charging the mobile phone charging treasure artifact facilitated hundreds of millions of the world, but the designer's brain is not generally a big hole, charging treasure an upgrade, it evolved into Speaking of this minor take the treasure. Take the treasure is what the hell? He said the complex is not complicated, that simple is not simple, here we have to say something about this car artifact.

Take the treasure

Why Take the treasure "complicated and not complicated"? Because sentence summary is, in fact, to pay more a little function, increase the battery capacity point, is an enhanced version of the charge treasure. So why and that "simple and not simple" mean? Take the treasure because there is a good quality protection, and not just those points mentioned above do nothing, more a series of security measures.

Into the topic, Take the treasure that combines all the qualities charging treasure, and then into the practicality of some of the new features that you can use to take electric vehicle battery charging and treasure can be a vehicle power supply to the onboard items in the car.

Take the comparative advantages and disadvantages of treasure and take the wire

Take the treasure


Function, small size, easy to carry and convenient.


Need to be recharged, a long charging time, take a short wire, copper wire after Take the high temperature, high cost, expensive than wire take the required specific adapter.

Take the wire


Take the copper wire after normal temperature, durability and low cost.


We need to find another normal car ride to conduct electricity, large quality, large volume.

Take the treasure Take the course

In fact, during the ride take electric power and Po ride electric wire take substantially similar method, remove the power take Po, is determined closed, connect wires with good ride, car battery positive electrode open protective cover, with Take the red Po ride on the positive wire sandwiched by the positive electrode of the battery, attention must be stable clamping clip, then black negative wires intensified negative battery open take the power Po, Po the charging stable in a safe place, at this time do not touch to take the wire, into the car to start the vehicle.

Summary: When the car is that these practical things, unexpected, not the needs of people, you can always use, if you are running a long-term foreign owners, we recommend that you take the electric car ready to treasure, so even if in different places, as long as there is electricity take the treasure, not afraid of a car battery is dead; when the owners less to the field, in the case basically commute, it is recommended in the car ready to take a wire can, out of the accident, or you can contact friends over to rescue it, it does not take a long time, after all, the cost of the ride is more expensive than wire take the treasure, of course, there take the treasure, then you do not need to ask for a.

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