Snow vehicle weather precautions

As we all know, spectacular, and ultimately, in some areas of snow and ice, so the question is, what to pay attention to the weather snow and ice? It is said that some owners of the car overnight iced could not move?



About fender of those things can be said of the experience, if life long friends in the north, it is recommended not to install the car fender iron, because driving in the snow on the road, the snow will be playing in the mud guard board, not just fenders, wheel arches there will be snow in the cold environment, plus travel time longer, easier to iron fender frozen snow on the fender, wheel arch snow because the snow on the fender and the row can not afford to, will be filled with snow on the wheel arches, this time will affect the steering wheel, the steering will be hindered, causing the brake pedal, accelerator pedal and vehicle shake , understeer and other effects of severe cases.


Winter weather driving slow and the emphasis is on safety, in this case slow, not drove very slow very slow, but slow to accelerate, brake slowly.

Slow acceleration means light throttle, the speed at the start to slowly add speed, avoid hard acceleration, hard acceleration will only lead to slippery road surface because the wheels insufficient grip and slipping accidents.

Brake slow braking means brakes the linear light, with the downshift engine braking to reduce the speed, so that the speed down, when the ice and snow road, sudden braking is no use, on the contrary too large will cause the vehicle traction, tire grip lack of which led to loss of control, if it is really needed when an emergency stop, the proposal to touch on the brakes, with the engine downshift to achieve the braking effect.

The rate should be slower than usual, be controlled within a reasonable range, must keep a distance double the normal number of the vehicle in front, then under normal circumstances, the car will be under control, not prone to accidents.

Fog lights

Snow also remember the days of steam travel open the wiper and front fog lights, which will improve traffic safety in the front and rear fog lights turn on ice and snow, so that other owners can easily find your presence, especially the owner rear of the vehicle through the rearview mirror when, found that efficiency will improve a lot, you do not need to pay attention to the rearview mirror for too long can be found.


The wiper, not because of the snow under the small not open wiper, often encounter some drivers in a hurry or road rage drivers on the road, "brush" is heard on overtaking by thee, and will immediately come , that is snow on the road the whole earth and flew to the front windshield of the car body, remains on the wiper, in time before scraping dirt bins snow on the glass to keep road safety.


parking space

We need to pay attention to when winter parking, underground parking as possible to hear the conditional, if not after the underground car park, if there is water on the ground, try to change a parking position, so as not to cool down after a long night of parking or product water freezes, causing the vehicle trapped in the ice of embarrassing situations.


If the wiper frozen, do not be forced to start the wiper, otherwise it will burn the motor, before the best snow ahead of the wiper stand up, if it is frozen, use warm water or warm air inside the vehicle is turned on front windshield wiper and the glass is not to be frozen together and then clean the wiper on the ice, then restart.

The door

Icy conditions to get the vehicles, if the door is found not normally open, do not force the sliding door. In the case where the door is frozen, forcibly sliding door, the door is opened while the strong pull down, the door has been pulled rubber seal may bad. The easiest way is to use a pot of warm water thermos bottle filling, pour the doors, and other ice melting gap at the door, then open the door. Further, at a temperature below zero, the outdoor parked, preferably with a cloth to wipe the water on the door frame, to prevent freezing.

Clean-up wheel arches

When the weather with snow and ice, the snow will roll to brake the inside, as I said before, there will be plenty of snow between the wheels and wheel arches, this time to clean is very bad, but if you did not clean up the next day is frozen hundred percent do. This time is the best could get a hammer or wrench, slowly knocking down the ice, but not every place can knock down, nor is it able to knock down the gap between the brake pads with brake discs are not knocking out. In fact, the car is not so fragile, when the vehicle is designed to pass such a test, you can rely on launch vehicles powered vehicles forced to get rid of snow and ice, brake discs and brake pads are metal, it will not cause too much damage, that would heard the bang when the bang.

Summary: snow weather traffic and parking have too many cases we should always pay attention to, in order to facilitate the use of the car and its driving safety, do not bother, do not be too anxious when driving, to give priority to safety.

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