Tachograph those things

Content knowledge to do a car for so long, it is often asked, how to buy friends in the tachograph, after all the harsh environment of domestic car, driving recorder for many car owners a car has become an essential item. But many after-market products, fat is not compiled a complete experience tested, so I can not make the right recommendation, but a few days ago by Auto Accessories Exhibition, editor pretending to be buyers ran all the booths, give us this little summary knowledge, might be able to help you.

Let us talk about how to install tachograph, facing Pengci situation on the map, the role of tachograph became apparent, perhaps also some funny material to record, at the time of an accident easy to identify responsibility, in some cases under police forensics can also help.

This acting is too realistic a

Of course you can so heavily armed, 360 to ensure that no dead are not afraid.

Type tachograph

It can be divided into three, integrated mirror tachograph, the tachograph camera type, hidden tachograph. The first is the emergence of a camera type, but many owners choose to or integrated rearview mirror driving recorder on the market, these three types have advantages and disadvantages, we briefly summarize.

How to pick the tachograph?

Before saying how the pre-election for most owners will mistake of misunderstanding, many owners will be "confused" parameter, buy tachograph when he ran to see these, and ignore the others.

Optional tachograph can be divided into the following main points

In this case it is much easier to choose

Different price points tachograph What is the difference?

299 yuan the following: uneven

About tachograph in a search for a treasure: 2XX HD 1080P tachograph! ...... looks very tempted, even in the event of my colleagues also saw the tachograph twenty pieces of (bulk shipments of price), in fact most of these products are some of the workshops goods, and work on circuit design We are very poor, while the virtual standard parameters, video recording off, let you easily in the temptation, so if you do not buy the tachograph greed cheap price, but the 4S shop installation should pay attention to friends Do not say can improvise on the line.

This product really makes me think of the figure below

Do not 998! As long as 2X! ! ! Recorder home

But still I think too much, not good goods cheaper.

Between 300-800 yuan: the main product

Between this price you can buy "Ye Jian", namely in workmanship, function better, the parameters will not vacuity, but also some of the better brands, more genuine, able to meet the needs of ordinary consumers. But I saw at the show the price of the product features looks, but the actual experience results vary widely, and some tachograph menu interface is not user-friendly, while the operation is not convenient, consumers can experience the best time to buy in contrast a bit.

Some brands will be differentiated richer in features, such as large-screen, high-definition output, and line/reversing aid, navigation and so on.

800-2000 element between: top with

This is considered to be the top with various versions of the tachograph, and are relatively acclaimed brand, while the size and configuration of a lever, dual-lens, night vision lights, for the pursuit of choice for buyers

What is the future tachograph trend?

Although parts procurement exhibition, you can see from the development trend of the future tachograph, exhibitors and the show will be the same as raising their own competitive products, and diverse tachograph future will also allow users to choose "more headaches."

Over, we do have a choice difficult disease ......

Intelligence is inevitable

Intelligent voice control, mobile phone/tablet operating tachograph is editor see the most, from my point of view, the future of the mobile terminal products will be very popular at the show, as long as you can directly record a app and Watch, a key Internet social media sharing, better than the traditional tachograph too much on experience.

Oh my ___, so you can play ......

Personalized prominent

Editors at the show also saw some manufacturers for today's younger car buyers, but also to follow up the tachograph, in design took thought, for example, can replace the panel, a variety of colors, while some manufacturers for each car brand models exclusive design templates, mainly for hidden tachograph, only a single model is available, fit the style of the original car, but each vendor's design is not the same, compared to the previous homogenization, perhaps this will be the consumer after point of concern.

Towards integration

We all know that the beginning of the tachograph is very single-function, that is, video images, the difference is different in shape and clarity of the video. And to see this session of the exhibition tachograph can be described as varied, not content with being a logger's identity, but integrated navigation, multimedia entertainment, speed, tire pressure monitoring, OBD testing, reversing/lane change assistant, fatigue driving monitoring, in short, every conceivable configuration of the owners concerned are integrated together, of course, their own opinion editor, integrated multifunction market demand, but do not forget their duty job.

Summary: After the domestic car market is very large, cohabitation, single-take tachograph is there are many things you can dig out different vendors technological processes, differences in the level of configuration applications, products, though seemingly similar, in fact, the effect is not the same, so remember to consumers in the purchase experience, when more contrast. And see the show from the other trend is not in the tachograph as single as before, product diversification will be a point in the future.

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