Experience Pentium X80 original navigation

FAW Pentium X80 want to experience the original navigation for a long time, mainly because the owner asked me, "Where can the original car navigation equipment and the same system?" So, I'm taking advantage of the platform, to borrow a machine forum owners to experience, ? As for whether you can hold to ask exactly the same answer in a single word: difficult. And whether to install similar, I answered: In addition to stability not comparable, but still can be installed after the installation of some brands.

X80 board system stable?

Before the original car navigation experience, I would like to insert a topic: the original car system with rear loading machine difference how much is actually loading machine with a friend after accustomed to, you will feel after loading vehicle system in terms of user experience is? functionally, will be more than the original "will juggle," but I would like to remind that, in terms of the system, the original navigation absolutely have to stabilize a lot, and this is not less than the X80's functionality after the installation of other products, but more sound the SRC control and steering wheel.

For the sake of stability, the original check is required for each function, In addition, the need to test a series of interference and the ability to "survive" under extreme environmental products, coupled with the choice of suppliers also are by car regulatory standards to go, so the original will do a system the most stable and to ensure that the basic function of the product, and then install the product of a strict quality control is less than the original, it is possible to develop intervention threshold function is also relatively low.

Summary: Almost all the original car for the test and control systems are in accordance with regulatory standards to take the car, including the chip and optional accessories, but also has a designated supplier. In addition, to do the quality control is more stringent, such as the wiper is turned on, whether glass lift will host influential and so on, will go to the original detection, many test items add up, even up cycle 1--2 years. But these detected after loading the product will not be so strict, and some even half a year or a few months to ship.

X80 Car System Features: SRC sound effects

SRC sound after the other X80 loading machine is absolutely no function, this function can be the biggest bright spot is simple and quick to set the optimum sound field position directly in the car.

What is the SRC sound?

SRC is the most representative of 3D sound stereo technology, it is the "Head Related Transfer Function" (HRTF) to broaden the "emperor" (ie sweet spot), to create a more spacious sound field in accordance with the reverberation and audio very accurate positioning of the different instruments, only to create the ultimate immersive three-dimensional sound field by two speakers.

Our popular terms, X80 is the sound you press the SRC key multimedia sound control area, is able to self-regulate the sweet spot, whether you're in that position in the car, you feel that your listening position is located, for the most good listening area.

Other functions X80 board system

X80 original navigation touch screen, support handwriting function, the original order to ensure the stability of the system, which is generally several basic functions is absolutely stable enough.

Navigation, radio, virtual six-disc, Bluetooth, set up, this is the original X80 video navigation system that can be realized, of course, the car is also commonly used several features.

1, navigation

In fact, for the use of maps Needless to say, nothing more than from point A to point B is set, POI point is abundant, the map is accurate route planning, points are prompted to clear, of course, these are used in map's data, in addition to X80 Lingtu used, it also uses high German, NavInfo, round after round, etc., of which to say is easy to use, depends on personal habits, after all, the domestic software vendors do a map, nothing less then a few .

2, audio and video features

Audio and video functions mentioned here include radio and virtual disk 6, the most noteworthy is that the host may adjust the positioning of the sound field, i.e., set to an optimum position depending on the radio experience.

3, Bluetooth

Bluetooth is almost all audio and video navigation are, after all, this is the most basic. Local Bluetooth connection is most convenient during a call without having to hold the phone, and in traffic on the way, you can play Bluetooth music, adding a lot of fun.

Summary: The basic function of X80 have been able to achieve, and your system is stable, whether open or when lifting window wiper, and have no effect on the radio and navigation.

After loading can hold exactly the same product?

This is a question I am asked the most. If you want to install an identical, I can not hesitate to answer you: basically impossible, even by a third party foundry, since signed a confidentiality agreement with the manufacturers, the aftermarket will not sell the same product. Of course, we can also see that there are many on the market X80 car-specific products, but these products are installed in addition to the external stability will be as good as before (not the original strict quality control), but also the lack of SRC has the original sound settings of features.

So, what is the difference with the original product is installed after the X80 dedicated car? In fact, from the application point of view function, installed after more than a one-touch pass navigate, but not "see" the place, and still has the original car a lot of difference, such as chips, wire and other accessories of choice, as well as product testing standards.

summary: The original X80 navigation biggest feature is the SRC features sound effects, plus features virtual 6 disc and steering wheel controls, you can enjoy the "Emperor Sound" in the car. Of course, the choice of products is entirely a matter of personal style, if you pursue stable and happy to enjoy audio features, the original X80 navigation is definitely a good choice, with direct buy car navigation is more suitable, but if the product stability not so tangled owners, after loading machine is also possible. But anyway, a lot more than the original car navigation will be installed after the stable, packaged with car service, the owner completely safe to use.

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