Mobil Oil and analytic presentation

Today we bring the introduction and analytical Mobil oil products for everyone.

Mobil Oil Products

Mobil oil products is divided into three major series, namely: Mobil 1 Series, Mobil and Mobil Speedmaster series Rebar series. Mobil 1 in the series include:

1. Mobil Series 1 comprising: Gold Mobil 1 (Kim, we often say Mobil) and blanketed by Mobil 1 (Mobil we often silver);

2. Mobil Speedmaster series comprising: Mobil Mobil Speedmaster Speedmaster 2000 and 1000;

3. Mobil Rebar series include: Mobil and Mobil Super Liba Liba.

1. Mobil 1 Series:

Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic motor oil Mobil top, sold in mainland China is only one viscosity grade gold Mobil 0W-40, a total of three silver Mobil viscosity grade, namely: 5W-30,5W-40 and 5W-50. Many users on the Internet have asked me, gold and silver Mobil Mobil is a fully synthetic oil, that they have any difference? This is something we call a bit Mobil technicians, their answer is, high temperature resistant Staphylococcus Mobil , abrasion resistance and low temperature start and long-term nature better than silver Mobil, and other functions no different.

2. Mobil Subaru 2000

Subaru 2000 Mobil Oil is the launch of a unique semi-synthetic oil, currently sold in mainland China Subaru 2000 has two viscosity grades, namely 5W-40 and 10W-40 two kinds. Subaru won the 2000 semi-synthetic oil official certification Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, perfectly suited to both the brand's models use.

3. Subaru 1000 Mobil, Mobil Rebar series mineral oil

Mobil Oil Subaru 1000 Subaru 2000 though, and belong to the same series, but it is mineral oil, at present there are four 1000 Subaru viscosity, namely: 5W-30,10W-30,10W-40 and 15W-50. There are also belong to the mineral oil Mobil Rebar series, the series is divided into Liba Liba Liba premium and, on both oil What is the difference, I call the Mobil official technical staff, they explained Rebar premium and the only difference is the different viscosity grade Rebar, Rebar premium has 5W-30 and 10W-40 viscosity grade two kinds, and Rebar total of 10W-30, 15W-40 and 15W-50 viscosity grade three kinds; and I also consulted the Speedmaster series 1000 and Rebar What is the difference, they told me the main difference is the level of API, API grade Speedmaster SM 1000 for SN grade level and two types of Rebar grade API grade SL-class, force Pa rating for SJ level, Subaru 1000 Mobil mineral oil at the highest level in the lowest level of Rebar.

How to identify the authenticity of Mobil Oil?

In the previous two articles we introduced Shell and Castrol how anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeit labels they made more delicate, in addition to the above, the serial number of the product, as well as security and security phone text messages, to facilitate consumers to check the authenticity; and Mobil the anti-counterfeit labels produced by relatively simple, but the trademark of a laser, the entire bottle found no security security phone or text message.

Some friends asked me on the microblogging, there are many parallel Mobil on the market, how to judge their authenticity. My advice is, first of all can not buy this kind of parallel imports of oil do not buy, because this oil we have no way to judge whether it is to take the low-end oil posing as high-end oil; Secondly, if you really want to buy can compare prices, if the price is cheap outrageous then do not buy, say also, if the business is the uS version of Mobil oil, we can also open the bottle to see the bottle, if there is a sealing film can not really judge the uS version Mobil, because the uS version of Mobil oil in bottle is not sealed film.

Which car manufacturers use Mobil as the original oil?

What about the original car manufacturers are using the Mobil Oil, the problem I have consulted Mobil official technical staff, from whom we learned that currently only Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Ford, Changan and Chery four manufacturers as original Mobil Oil, which in addition to Chery Mobil Subaru 2000 semi-synthetic oil and mineral oil Speedmaster 1000, the other three car manufacturers are using Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil series.

Summary: Mobil Oil product introductions and resolve we have introduced here, in the course of writing this article, I found that Mobil's anti-counterfeiting measures is too simple, if you can add some security approach, so not only can help consumers buy genuine Mobil oil, Mobil can also reduce their losses.

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