Solution parked car trouble caused by prolonged

influenced by Chinese New Year holidays and a new coronavirus epidemic, many car owners have long been at home, "shut down." Recently, many owners encounter the same problem: long time no car, car today but found the car broke down. In fact, if the car is not used for a long time, it will drop some small problems, such as tire air loss, loss of battery power, difficulty in starting the engine, fuel consumption increases and so on, serious or even cause irreversible failure. How to avoid these situations? Quickly take a look at these considerations right ~

for a long time parked car pay attention to what parts?

Engine compartment nacelle

Solution parked car trouble caused by prolonged1

Check Engine are there small animals infested cabin traces. If there are mice and other animals into the engine compartment, they may be chewed automotive wiring, plumbing, cotton insulation and other parts.


regularly check the engine compartment, found that rodents or other small animals cleared up. Do not store attract small animals, food and beverage, biscuits, potato chips, etc. in the car.

Regularly check the oil, antifreeze level, leaks occurred. Clean up food residues found, the electronic component can be avoided in the cold state, high pressure water jets to clean the engine compartment.

car battery power loss

when the car is parked, the vehicle electrical system will enter the relevant "silent mode", the discharge amount is reduced, this case is generally maintained for two months . But if some of the circuit and the car battery is aging, so the battery to maintain the time may be shortened.

car battery power loss solutions:

The vehicle does not travel a long time, the vehicle 7 to 9 days starting about 30 min intervals to charge the battery, avoid parking time loss of power for too long and can not start.

car wheels and tires

long parked cars, the tire side force concentration may be deformed, but typically a few kilometers out of the original self-healing properties. In addition, the force concentrated hub side may also deform, which may cause the vehicle to travel jitter.

for a long time parked car wheel tire problem resolution:

As a vehicle traveling a long time is not recommended to regularly check the tire pressure, tire pressure should be promptly inflated insufficient.

n cycle allow steering, four wheels at the same level.

Note tire aging, the need for timely replacement.

petrol and oil

If the stop, there are many gasoline in the fuel tank, makes the precipitation of impurities within the parking time gasoline. When you start again, you can make uneven gasoline car malfunction. In such cases we need to clean up the oil, heavy petrol, and pay attention to the car's fault tips. After the oil shelf life is usually around three years, but when the engine oil filler into contact with the air, this time its shelf life is only a year.


In terms of shelf oil and no measures of any delay, when the vehicle is parked for a long time need to use again, recommended 4S shop owners to detect vehicle maintenance .

car paint

If the car is parked for a long time in the outdoors or under a tree, under the action of wind, rain, snow, dust will leave, tree branches, birds excrete the car stains and other impurities, they can damage paint.


long-term parking in front of the vehicle, on the body to do a thorough cleaning, car washing and waxing.

possible to drive to the garage, let the car from wind, sun, rain and other damage, avoid leaves, broken branches and other foreign matter damage paint.

proposal did not use car garage clothing, cover up the vehicle.

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