How to identify which is the illegal capture of the camera?

We have seen the way most cameras are used to capture violation. Some do not take offense to the camera, and can also capture a camera installed. Only a small part of a separate installation of the camera, is not illegal capture of.

How to identify which is the illegal capture of the camera?1

which is a camera used to shoot the illegal

Let me talk about what the camera is to shoot violation.

traffic lights capture camera

First, the majority of traffic lights camera gun type, able to identify the type of violation is the largest.

There are provisions on

There are national industry standard, GA/T496-2014 "red light automatic recording system general technical conditions."

camera traffic lights, the red light and the like in addition to capture behavior, retrograde, pressure line, the line must be made out of a lane change, not only that, the driver had captured face information.

You play phone at the intersection, not wearing a seatbelt, looks are down.

For example, there is a junction had three days to take over 50 car from the phone's illegal to play, "Oops."

bayonet camera

Then mount the camera to say, most of the settings in the city's main thoroughfares, high-speed, State Road above. It is generally gun-type, the highest recognition rate, but also looks very clear.

How to identify which is the illegal capture of the camera?2

Although it is the main function is to monitor passing vehicles to help police vehicle to arrest fugitives or prisoners, but also to capture speeding, driving call these illegal acts.

There are also national standard, GA/T496-2016 "road intelligent vehicle monitoring and recording system general technical conditions" there are provisions.

vehicle identification camera bayonet rate is not less than 99?during the day and license plate recognition rate is not less than 95?not less than 90?t night.

traffic lights camera, a predetermined number is three, respectively 95?90?80?anyway, very much on the right.

illegally parked capture camera

There is caught illegally parked camera, typically a sphere, the shooting range is the largest, the equivalent of a fisheye lens, wide-angle, police can direct call.

Most of the settings in what areas? Bus station, school, hospital door, this is particularly easy place to stop the violation.

We take an example refer to: Hikvision has a spherical model F832 illegal surveillance camera.

is not only that it can be rotated horizontally 360 , the circle, but also vertically up and down 70 , and also supports 32 optical zoom.

optical zoom! Infrared and within 200m of the shooting, I feel we are now mobile phones are really weak burst.

In other words, in addition to the aircraft flying in the sky you can not shoot, do not shoot less than on the ground.

And police can also remotely control the radio within a distance of 1km, entirely on a remote control, "uh oh" what? Tank it, wherever the.

Too much, too much, 32 times optical zoom.

Which camera is not used to shoot violation

Let us say something about what other camera, do not be illegal capture.

traffic monitoring camera

For example: camera for traffic monitoring, it is also a spherical, typically red light camera is and which is mounted on a, that is, the traffic light intersection.

How to identify which is the illegal capture of the camera?3

it is possible to automatically capture the change in traffic, the traffic lights to regulate the length, so as to achieve the sort of traffic.

This is like our mobile phones, is the automatic brightness adjustment, strong light, low light, it is not their own will adjust the brightness of the screen Well, almost.

continue to look, now the traffic light intersection camera, in addition to shoot illegal, can also be traffic statistics, they are beginning to out of this product.

So this special traffic surveillance cameras have begun to slowly out of the future will be less and less. In addition to surveillance cameras Skynet traffic monitoring cameras, surveillance cameras Skynet, famous, right? It also does not take offense to.

Skynet monitor the full name is called "public security security video surveillance system" is to achieve "peace building" goal in 2005 by the State Council to the arrangement.

While Skynet monitoring system powerful enough to be able to identify who the driver's face, but this system is mainly catch fugitives, maintaining social order.

Skynet system is coupled with the Ministry of Public Security, and the traffic police to capture electronic police is not a violation of the system, so Skynet camera is not used to capture violation.

if the plane can run fast on the ground, but no one will be dedicated to the road above the plane got to open, right? Law does not allow, this is not the same thing.

How to distinguish whether it will capture, mainly to see location

So down, without fear of being shot Skynet is a surveillance camera.

But my reference to the purchase order Qinzhou Skynet project, to have a camera model above.

Skynet camera systems, and the appearance of the above illegal electronic camera for capture, not much difference.

How to identify which is the illegal capture of the camera?4

you only through the camera height, position, is determined by it is not Skynet camera. We're not an expert, you can see the?

"Aha" You see this camera, only the height of 3,4m high two individuals, but nothing around the stop line, traffic lights, is likely to Skynet camera.

have the paper, "Police and mount the electronic system technology embodiment," there are provisions: illegal capture electronic police camera pole height 6m, and is generally stopped around the back of the line 23m.

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