Six kinds of situations abnormal sound car

He mentioned abnormal sound I believe that every driver would empathy for the problems of their own for a long time submissive voice, but the owner is on their own car most familiar with, the sound emitted by vehicles and handling feeling the most sensitive, the most able to solve their own problems car who it is also you.

Six kinds of abnormal sound Summary:

1, abnormal sound body

This problem is usually because the vehicle body is not rigid enough, resulting in occurrence of deformation of the vehicle during traveling, the vehicle door frame jitter or friction, or some places solders and creates friction between the steel sheet and the like. In taping windows or parts of the friction pad of rubber or the like may be able to reduce or eliminate abnormal sound, but a temporary solution.

Some of the larger car wind noise, and this shape, and if confirmed with no additional items, the owner himself to even think about a solution. There are not fixed can also cause abnormal noise between the body parts of some cars, the general tightening the screws can be solved.

2, abnormal sound nacelle

Here are more possibilities appear abnormal sound. Belt howling relatively harsh, because usually caused by belt slippage. When the engine is running if the external sound has a dry friction metal, usually a generator, water pump, power steering pump bearing damage performance.

There sound leakage, the exhaust system may be blocked, the vacuum leakage or fracture during engine operation. Need to be reminded that, if it is abnormal sound in the engine, the owner probably can not be solved, it is best to send the factory for repair.

3, abnormal sound transmission

If the car is in motion internal transmission "imperfections" sound, depress the clutch and then disappear, then the noise source is a gearbox failure, there may be a gearbox bearing or gear wear, bearing spots due.

4, tire abnormal sound

Tire must be rhythmic noise, and high frequency is fast speed. If it is deep "flap" sound, mostly tire tread deformation, from the package, badly worn or insufficient air pressure; if it is "blah" sound, it may be mixed with pebbles tread. If the tire whistling call to ring, and obviously the body shake even the direction of deviation, needless to say definitely blew a tire, change tires and get off of it.

5, suspension abnormal sound

I encountered a bump near the four wheels on the issue of "pound" or "click" sound, mostly shock absorbers or suspension problems caused by loose parts, be sure to double-check the regular repair shop. Not only because of the suspension components and ride comfort, but also on related to traffic safety, do not be discounted.

6, abnormal sound engine guard

Screws are often displaced in the car who exercise regularly, if often hear "Para Para" abnormal sound like grille position issued, in addition to outside grill really loose, then the owners still have to check the engine guard screws are loose, or loose engine guard and negatives occur, causing abnormal sound, in addition to tightening the screws, you should also items like cardboard pad some abnormal sound in the site, you can easily eliminate abnormal sound.

Body color change need to be cautious