Body color change need to be cautious

This is a pursuit of individual years, and now car modification can be seen everywhere, as one kind of body to change color appearance modified, though already existed for many years, but in recent years was only attention. Compared with other performance modifications, change the color of the vehicle just ahead of the record, you can get legal "status." So how do you record? Whether the process is cumbersome? One of my colleagues recently conducted a change color application, there will be some of the considerations set out so far, for those friends had the idea to change color as a reference.

Body color change of the record is relatively still a niche business, and change the color related to specific circumstances variety, we refer to the relevant regulations, and can not find any official regulations for complete details for color change applications have been published, and does not rule out the provisions of the country there will be differences may Therefore the former owner to change color recommendations of the Advisory local Vehicle Administration department


Preparation Materials needed: material handling needs much needed color change procedures, vehicle driving license, my ID card and vehicle registration certificate owners (green book) can, if friends agent, the agent should carry identity cards.

Keep the body clean: Due To change the driving license, it will be for business before taking pictures and visual inspection, which is the same vehicle inspection to detect the appearance of links, so it is important to keep the body clean, recommended car wash in advance.

Advance clean up illegal: Same as normal inspection, verification of vehicle information, and the information would be illegal, so do not forget to advance clean up illegal.


Appearance inspection: inspection processes and the same extension number, take pictures, have the appearance of a link can not be modified by examining the need to restore the original advance. When in about 20 minutes.

Fill in the application form: there is a change in the color business hall of the application form, fill handle to the window waiting for the full review and distribute a new driving license.

Certification fees: Under normal circumstances about half an hour, a new driving permit can handle success, only to pay the $ 15 fee, will handle all business is completed.

few things to note:

1, a conventional color change could "fait accompli":

If the vehicle is to change the color of conventional colors such as white, black, etc., can change color to complete the first vehicle, directly related to the Vehicle Administration to change the procedures for handling the day you can apply to complete. If you change the color is not common, it recommended to bring "color card" first come, Vehicle Administration application, and after the process by making change color, although in contrast time-consuming, but safer.

2, change color film does not allow:

In recent years with the rise of body change color film business, body color change was only everyone attention, but the body of the film is actually not allowed to change the color, not immature technology, but for security reasons, the film can at any time when the film is easily torn, traffic accident and other incidents occur again, look for the car accident will be more difficult, but we also learned that it is possible to apply the same color film will be small-scale permit.

3, a car multi-color, special colors and markings are not allowed to:

Some owners seeking personality, like the sub-region to change color is a vehicle, such as a roof cover includes a body and a machine using a variety of different colors. Some even imitate the color of the special police vehicles, fire engines and even identity, these are not allowed.

4, three days before the change after vehicle inspection:

Some friends were to change color in time to apply before vehicle inspection, vehicle inspection hoped to complete the application as soon as possible. Due to Vehicle Administration system, change the color application takes 3 business days for the completion of the record data and information, and therefore change color after the completion of the record of at least three business days before the normal annual inspection.

From business process and handle the situation, change color to apply body be a very simple business, and spend less time with short, under normal circumstances can be completed the same day. But the body to change color, although attention, but still not widely popular, and specific details concerning many issues, there is no detailed provisions for all inquiries, more often Vehicle Administration will, as the case may be, and do not exclude each region will there are differences in the regulations it may recommend consulting your local Vehicle Administration department before changing colors and filing.

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