Several cars error repair method

People there are some false belief in car use and maintenance, these false belief is in the low level of automobile manufacturing, repair methods are backward, lack of means testing era long form. These false belief sometimes seem right, it is not true, great harm, cause the vehicle to suffer damage, personal safety is threatened, and thus more likely to be potential problems of the accident, the vehicle or cause performance degradation, accelerated wear and tear, shortened life expectancy and so on.

A blind engine thermostat removed

If the engine temperature is high due to the removal of blind thermostat, the coolant loop can be large, the cooling intensity can not be adjusted, it is difficult to ensure that the engine is operating at a more suitable temperature, but often the engine is operating at low temperatures, resulting in decreased engine power , accelerated wear, increased fuel consumption. After thermostat if the engine fails repair or replacement, the engine temperature is higher, it should repair other parts of the cooling system, the thermostat can not be removed.

Second, the low engine temperature afraid of heights afraid

Some people think that when driving low engine temperature afraid of heights afraid. In fact, when low engine temperature is also a great harm. The temperature should be the normal car driving predetermined instruction manual, in order to guarantee the life of the engine.

Third, the water pump fan belt tight as possible

The tighter the belt is not possible. Belt too tight will not only make it stretch or break and shorten the life of the belt, but also because the tension is too large, leading to the generator shaft, water pump shaft bearings and bending deformation of the early damage. Automotive engine fan belt tightness should meet the technical requirements, when the belt assembly is generally normal deflection of 10-15mm is suitable.

Fourth, with the engine idling heating

When warmed with idling because of the low speed, the oil pump can not be quickly pressed into the lubrication surface lubricant, oil is also low, so that each of the moving parts of the engine working under dry or semi-dry friction state; fuel due to low temperature poor atomization, so that the fuel uncombusted (mixed air) into the crankcase, wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall, will accelerate mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, a few seconds after the engine starts, the fast idle heating applications (in modern cars have dedicated fast idle apparatus, the machine temperature rise, it will be automatically adjusted to the idle state), to improve the lubrication condition of the engine.

Fifth, the oil pan roast with a blowtorch

Winter baking oil burner at the end, not only will the oil additive chemical changes, lose their properties, but also cemented the oil, oil pan distortion, easily lead to fires. The best practice is based on the lowest local temperature selection of winter adapt oil. In areas where conditions permit, it is best to have a vehicle parked in the garage holding facilities.

Clear method is more advanced ultrasonic clearance method and spray nuclear clearance method, but the most used and easiest way is to remove physical and chemical clearance method. These two methods may be used together.

Winter car oil Notes