See Honda with Red Label please stay away

Now we have a certain level of economic improvement, basically can buy from the car, but regardless of money or no money, we all like luxury cars, such as Porsche, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, etc. we can often see these cars on the street, but in the face of the will basically stay away, if run into its own can not pay ah. But apart from these cars, some cars just plain hanging logo, untouchables also our car, say the public can not mess with a letter, but I want to say is not afraid of the public with a letter, afraid with Honda red label, she encountered a hide away point, touched nothing left to lose.

A number of luxury cars on the street, there are always one or two very low-key, do not know if people see the car, just thought it was a very ordinary car, in fact, no, we still have to hurry to read more car knowledge so we're driving a lot of trouble can be avoided. Like on the Honda car, we know that most Honda cars are not expensive, but this subject with red Honda What the hell?

Many people may have seen the car this subject with red Honda, it will be attracted by its appearance and cool pull the wind driving skills, if Honda's fans, then he will know what kind of car it is. The Red Label Not all Honda cars can hang, it represents a high-performance cars, like Honda Typr R car, although not as cool ultra-running, body lines are not that smooth, but it's a little explosive not lose to these ultra-running, so many people are crazy for it.

We know Honda's engine technology is very good, this red specimen field equipped with the i-Vtec 2.0L turbocharged engine, matching 6-speed gearbox, although only about 700,000 of the price of the car, but the vehicle the point is not lost on no explosive 6 million sports car. So we met on the road or stay away, because you run, but definitely it, but the car can be considered a luxury car, and he met also can not pay.

We look at this car, in appearance can still see the look of the Honda family, a high degree of recognition, headlights very sharp, very bright eye logo, and other vehicles at a glance different. The body is relatively low, together with the movement of formula hub, exaggerated tail lines, sporty, but also to pull the wind than the car looks.

Also to remind everyone that it is, in the domestic sale of these Honda cars are not these "red-headed machine", it should not be fooled, that is so, then the owners themselves also posted up. The first time outside, in the street, there are many low-key luxury cars, if we do not know, then, after an accident in trouble, so the encounter or hide away point, touched really nothing left to lose.

So how do you think about this several car?

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