How to avoid car spontaneous combustion?

What are the reasons the car ignition?

Not modify, oil circuit faults and high temperatures outside.

When the car ignition, the fire ignited from the front of most of the chassis of the car. Before the chassis of an automobile oil and electricity, if the aging pipeline rupture, loose joints, causing fuel leakage, but also coincided with a spark, short circuit and battery Mars coke burning or hot engine exhaust causes of accidental injury ejected, or tempering serious car carburetor and so easy to cause a fire. In spontaneous combustion vehicles, a considerable part of the new car, the line fault caused mostly - most of the reason is that people are free to change to the line. He said that many new car users will add vehicle anti-theft devices, installed high-end audio, these understandable, but may be due to modification are not familiar with the vehicle line conditions caused a short circuit or fuse vehicle routing power is too large, lay hidden for the spontaneous combustion .

In addition to the fuel system and the cause of line faults, there are some aspects should also pay attention to.

For example, many of the automotive interior materials, generally do not have fire resistance in case of fire, the fire spread easily. And there are many drivers accustomed to disposable lighters placed on the instrument panel and other locations, so the danger of explosion. Some passengers may also inadvertently left some of combustibles in the car, so the cause fire. In addition, part of the car park started again after a long time, the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion occurs in the vehicle. The cause of the accident that damaged part of the line leading to electrical short circuit, while committing the crime of the murderer was a mouse. When parking the vehicle, but also on parking place a little consideration. Further, since the current production cars are generally equipped with catalytic converters, and this means a high temperature is located on the exhaust pipe. Its location on most cars are relatively low, and therefore should pay attention when parking, do not park your car in the vicinity of flammable materials.

How to avoid car spontaneous combustion?

How to avoid spontaneous combustion: time and maintenance, not to disposable lighters or canned Mist agent placed in the car, not some flammable materials left in the car.

1. As the engine operating state at a higher temperature, near the outer insulation of the wire to aging off, cause problems. So, do the daily inspection of motor vehicles, to prevent electrical line fault or bad is necessary, this is the most important fire prevention vehicle means. For example, to regularly check whether the car lines are damaged, if there is leakage; regularly check the oil circuit: line of cars due to the aging of rubber often occur after using three or four years, the wire resistance increases and heat phenomenon, prone to short circuit, e.g. battery terminal due to impurities, so that the contacts loose or corroded oil heating, ignition wire insulation; long-term vibration or temperature changes abruptly by impact loosening line contacts and the like.

2. Do not secretly converted vehicles. If it must be modified, professional and technical personnel should be allowed to do professional altered, modified or added equipment such as circuit, line source must be wrapped to prevent leakage.

3. It should also be noted that in the road when the engine is running, do not pour gasoline into the carburetor mouth; do not burn gasoline fuel filter maintenance when the oil filter core; do not hang fire method frequently used; avoid oil system drip; automobile ignition switch is turned to avoid prolonged suspended.

4. Select the best car interior materials fire performance is provided, the event of fire, the fire does not spread easily.

5. When parking should also pay attention, do not park your car in the vicinity of flammable materials. Because now the production of automobiles are generally equipped with three-way catalytic reactor, and this means a high temperature is located on the exhaust pipe, it is relatively low position on most cars.

6. Do not readily portion on the car of the sun's rays, such as flammable gas lighter, air fresheners, perfumes, mousse and the like, such as instrument panel; not hazardous oil, gasoline, diesel and the like on the car Inside.

7. Do not throw out the cigarette in the car, it is best not to smoke in the car, to prevent "set himself on fire."

8. In the summer, the car traveling at a high temperature for a long time, should make more rest in the middle, do not let the car long exposure.

9. insurers generally have a "spontaneous combustion risk", i.e. the vehicle additional spontaneous loss of insurance, insurance predetermined vehicle during use because of their electrical, lines, fuel supply system failure caused by a fire, is a spontaneous combustion, the insurance company can be paid . Therefore, the summer driving for safety reasons, you can enter "spontaneous combustion risk."

10. In accordance with the regulations car with a fire extinguisher, and remember to be changed regularly. Fire extinguishers do not become dispensable furnishings, to the mastery of the use of a fire extinguisher, so helpless time of the accident.

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