Road rage great harm

In recent days, "the driver was brutally beaten male driver" has become a hot topic all the people, specifically through is like this: May 3, 2015 afternoon, the beating incident occurred near the Third Ring Road, Chengdu Jiaozi overpass, a woman driver was dragged out of the car after the driver forced to stop behind the car outside, beaten to fracture concussion, suffered multiple bruising. After being blocked around the people, the men get back on the car until the police arrived, the man got off requirements, hit men and a physical confrontation occurred with the crowd, a taxi driver poked man armed with a screwdriver face and back injuries .

This occurred after the news appeared repeatedly reversed, people accused of the object, or the object of sympathy also come and go. The driver illegal driving causing male driver was furious, while the driver has been detained on criminal charges because of trouble.

This is typical with "road rage" outbreaks. Regardless of pedestrians, passengers or drivers, everyone hated to big congestion. Collective roar of motors, a large number of exhaust emissions, I do not know the end of the wait, just these three is enough of the crazy people. If until then there is an aggressive quarrel, or a humiliating gesture, it is simply the consequences could be disastrous. A very gentle people have been very kind, and how wheel of a car sometimes easy irritable?

First, let's test to see if you are suffering from "road rage"

dangerous driving, including sudden acceleration or braking, with the car too close;

forced to cut someone else's lane, or deliberately retaining others into their own lane;

excessively honking or flashing lights to play;

In the middle of the highway's median strip, drag racing frighten others;

do boorish gesture, such as vertical middle finger to others;

shout abuse or intimidation; deliberately crash;

get off to challenge other drivers, including with other items hit the body of the vehicle;

threatened with guns and other lethal weapons;

drove throwing attacks on other goods vehicles;


If you have more than a few or even a variety of behavior, it is very sorry to inform you that you may have a "road rage."

So what is the "road rage"?

"Road rage" (Road Rage) statement produced in the 1980s, the United States, the word in the Chinese media only become common in recent years. "Road rage" refers to a car or other motor vehicle drivers are aggressive or angry behavior. These actions may include: rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately unsafe or threatening manner to drive the vehicle, or making threats. "Road rage" may lead to altercations, assaults, and result in injury or even death crash, which can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving.

In the United States, "road rage" has also been a headache for the US police for many years. 1990s era of the United States is the most rampant violent crime roads, some of the very small is not worth mentioning the reasons can lead to conflict with the road: put the car next to the rock and roll too loud, in front of the car is too slow Dulu, the back of the car horn non-stop call, another car was blatantly exceed his own car, motorcycle riders passing out of the middle finger, or even just the other side of the car hung up the controversial flag ...... these reasons the road in the United States on all enough to make certain the driver pulled out a pistol, or a hit full throttle in the past.

This is too ill to rule! The eat what medicine ah?

"Safe driving from here" Tips:

1. When you are in a bad mood, try not to drive yourself to travel, choosing instead to public mass transit.

2. If you travel every day not too far away, whether by road or rail are stuck unspeakable when you choose a bike or on foot. Because when the car's speed is slower than a bicycle, difficult to control your emotions in a range not break out of.

3. ensure adequate sleep. Why sleep problems mentioned it, because driving in the sleepy circumstances, people will more easily irritable and prone to dangerous driving.

4. Give yourself plenty of time set aside to where you're going. As car ownership continues to increase, together with the surrounding block in traffic noisy horn, plenty of time will make people less tense and anxious.

5. listen to some relaxing music. Use some neutral and positive thinking instead of those radical idea, saying:. "Grew more and more angry."

6. When you see aggressive overtaking another car in the cab, always remember, that's not for you, but the driver's inherent habits. In this time to maintain emotional calm, it will only be good for you, but not to lead you in a fight or quarrel even crash the trouble to go.

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