Film leads to dark car

Bright window action we estimate a name to know what that means, is that traffic police will be thorough investigation of the film on the car, not to say that automotive films can not be posted, but the film car stickers car film some are not compliant, like on the window black film, although it can be insulated, can bring better privacy to the owners, but this car model will affect the driver's line of sight, so this is extremely thorough investigation of the traffic police car models, the use of private cars is prohibited.

And this is also a bright window action has strict rules and regulations, the translucent front windshield can not be less than 70, then the windshield and side windshield transmittance of not less than 50 of the window is qualified, "bright window action" to restart? Van is a thorough investigation of the focus? Owners: do not drive it! Traffic police in the investigation also has specialized equipment we do not think that transparency is it with the naked eye, that this is impossible.

In fact, on Tinted Glass investigation so strict, but also because the car film car light transmission is not high, it will give the owner a great deal of danger, for example, can affect vision, so that owners produce visual errors to a great deal of travel security risks, "bright window action" will be open again? Van thorough investigation into the subject? Owner: open a car so hard! And now there are a lot of car owners use to generate a lot of errors, unauthorized use car models to block inside the vehicle, so that the traffic police can not determine whether there is a problem. Another example is the van directly affixed black car film overloading or illegal operations.

This film also most of them are low-quality cars, inferior materials are used in the majority of poor quality film with high pollution, releasing toxic gases, as well as long-term owners of long-term owner of the family in this space, it is likely to stay cause physical threat, so we encountered traffic police vehicle model is to be active with, not because of their convenience and escape.

If you happen car car film, or suggest that you tear up quickly, not only a threat to our own bodies, but also to health, also found the traffic police will fine more harm than good. But I think that action is necessary to bright windows do not exist?

Look overtake the front, the rear of the car will look