Retirement age of private cars new regulations

Private car retirement age:

Since May 1, 2013, out of scrap old cars began to perform in accordance with the new regulations, which cancel retirement age of private cars, the maximum mileage of 600,000 kilometers mandatory retirement. Provisions that small, miniature non-commercial passenger vehicles, large non-operating cars, special wheeled mechanical vehicles without service life limit.

According to the Ministry of Commerce website news, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a "mandatory retirement standards for motor vehicles." Under this provision, a small private car without the age limit, but after traveling 600,000 kilometers boot scrapped.


2013 Spring March, second-hand car market started to recover, used car prices will not be too significant growth until May, and after the introduction of new regulations in May estimated that some of the better performance of the used car market prices will rise. For the intention to buy a used car consumers, buying a used car five months ago is more appropriate. Although the used car market, car source may not be special, but hard to clean out the car must also be scouring the cheap car.

New rules introduced:

It is reported that from May 1, 2013, will be adjusted. Small private cars will not use age limits, but after traveling 600,000 kilometers will guide scrapped. After the new private cars mandatory retirement provisions introduced, used car prices are also likely to have a small rise.

Under the new regulations, the registered motor vehicles in a row no motor vehicle inspection marks within three motor vehicle inspection cycle after the expiration of the test will be mandatory retirement. After the implementation of new regulations, some of the age of the vehicle is longer, but the good performance of used car prices will be improved. This also led directly to the rise in market prices of used cars.

Non-commercial use of small cars in the six years prior to take two years to be tested once in the seventh to tenth five-year requirement once a year. First, whether the conflict with the private car 6 car inspection. Tested once half a year after fifteen years. That is not a brand new car in three consecutive (six years) or not pass inspection. The purchase of more than fifteen years old car, three consecutive detection period (a year and a half) did not obtain the pass mark will be mandatory retirement. If the driver is not the owner of annual vehicles on the road. Will be fined $ 200, driver's license penalties deducted three points.

Family car retirement age of new regulations:

Family car retirement age of new regulations - limiting the number of kilometers

Family car retirement age of new regulations in the Ministry of Commerce issued a formal "motor vehicle scrapping mandatory standard" in the cancellation of provisions for non-working car driving age, but will limit private cars scrapped mileage of 600,000 kilometers. The abolition of age instead to limit the number of kilometers to the standard method, greatly improving the car's usage. To 20,000 kilometers a year of normal usage to calculate the time limit private car use almost doubled. Although the abolition of the age, but that does not mean any vehicle can truly full of 600,000 kilometers, the New Deal has been the standard for vehicles in more stringent requirements.

Family car the new regulations retirement age - retirement age

Canceled family car retirement age for safety and technical inspection of the vehicle and a higher requirement. Since the first 15 years after the New Deal in private vehicles from the vehicle registration inspection twice a year, more than 20 years starting from the first 21 years of regular inspections four times a year. Annual inspection for vehicles aged strict rules, while private cars during power testing, chassis power output shall not be less than 60?r 65?f the maximum net power of the engine power rating. Meanwhile, the new standard proposed, vehicle inspection machine in a cycle of failure safety, environmental non-compliance will be mandatory retirement. Power test project will also replace the existing fuel projects to eliminate poor vehicle performance. Seen in this light, although the relaxation of the useful life of the vehicle, but stepped up the elimination of old vehicles, especially for environmental standards were strictly controlled.

Delay retirement:

Delaying the retirement age to handle car-Out, owners need to bring the relevant application materials to the Vehicle Administration, there are procedures required to prove the identity of all motor vehicles, motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicle registration certificates, compulsory third party liability insurance certificate , vehicle detection table. Owners submission, Vehicle will delay the application materials according to the owners of vehicles and automotive applications retirement age be reviewed to detect if the situation meets the requirements, approved by Vehicle Administration will issue delaying the retirement age proof car.

Different types of vehicles of different general delay of years, specifically divided into the following situations:

1, the non-operating 9 (inclusive) bus of service life of 15 years. The first six years assurance once every two years, followed by 1 year trial, the use of more than 15 years, once every six months factual, factual through to the indefinite extension, endorsement until 31 December 2099;

2,9 or more passenger seats scrap non-operating period of 10 years, renewable for 20 years;

3, tourist buses retirement age of 10 years, renewable for another 20 years;

4, minivan taxi and 19 of the following 8 years of service life, can not apply for an extension;

Above 5,20 seat taxi, 8 years of service life may be extended to apply for 12 years;

6, with a truck trailer, mining vehicles, 8 years of service life may be extended to apply for 12 years;

7, three agricultural vehicles, of service life of six years, nine years may be extended to apply;

8, four-wheel farm vehicles, scrapped 9 years, renewable for another 12 years;

9, a positive three-wheeled motorcycle, retirement age of seven to nine years, can be extended to apply 10 to 12 years;

10, other motorcycles, of service life of 8 to 10 years, may be extended to apply 11 to 13 years;

11, passenger vehicles, for the 10 years of service life may be extended to apply for 15 years;

12, light trucks and large vehicles scrapped period of 10 years, renewable for 15 years;

13, Trailer, 10 years of service life may be extended to apply for 15 years;

14, semi-trailer, of service life of 10 years, renewable for 15 years;

15, tractor trailer, 10 years of service life may be extended to apply for 15 years;

16, crane, fire engine, drilling vehicles, special vehicles and other special vehicles, of service life of 10 years, can apply appropriate extension, endorsements to December 31, 2099;

17, other car, retirement age of 10 years, renewable for another 15 years.

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