Raiders purchase auto insurance

No matter what car to buy, buy car insurance has always been inevitable, but in the domestic insurance policies are always people do not understand. Terms of face densely filled with words, in order to safeguard personal car and had to bite the bullet and study, but extensive and profound Chinese characters appeared at this time a great power. Lazy or did not study to understand the inevitable choice is not suitable for their own insurance or inadequate, difficult or when claims and found that more than N deductible provisions, only bitter pill to swallow their own. In fact, buying auto insurance is easy to say simple, but in fact that is difficult is not so terrible, this article I will explain to you in simple language the purchase of auto insurance considerations.

Insurance parsing

Primary insurance:

1: motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance (Traffic Insurance)

The new car will belong to the insurance, the maximum amount of compensation 122,000 yuan. Many people believe that the amount of 122,000 yuan compensation for their own vehicles, enough, in fact, this is only 122,000 yuan in compensation for damage a vehicle belonging to 2000 yuan, and another million as the compensation for medical expenses, disability compensation 110,000 yuan, so only pay high insurance protection is not enough.

2: motor vehicle damage insurance (car damage)

Vehicle insurance is the most important body part for damages vehicles. But when the insurance liability insurance must be clear and liability insurance exemption clause in section. For example, if injured in an accident or death of the insured person is yourself or a family member, this is not the claim of; if the insured person driving without a license, drunken driving and other offenses accident occurred is not compensation.

In case no one's own responsibility but can not find the responsible party, after the transfer of responsibility and insurance companies signed a compensation agreement, 30 percent of one's own to bear responsibility. Such as a car parked on the roadside hit by falling objects, and can not find the person responsible, must bear 30?f one's own responsibility for themselves.

3: commercial third party liability insurance (three liability insurance)

Belong to supplement the pay compulsory insurance for disability compensation, the current common sum insured 200,000, 300,000 and 500,000, etc., but the premium is not much difference, a difference also two hundred. This insurance is essential for private owners, in accordance with current law if the vehicle caused personal injury to pedestrians, the amount of compensation will be based on top local average wage, the wage up to 20 years, according to 3000 yuan wage maximum compensation of 72 million yuan, far more than pay high insurance compensation amount, so the three commercial liability insurance has become a personal injury accident is an important safeguard.

4: The entire vehicle pilfer

Daoqiangxian is to prevent the loss of vehicle theft and insurance ready. If your car parking area of ??poor law and order situation, the environment more chaotic it is very necessary to purchase the insurance. In addition, if your car is stolen higher risk models, such as the Accord, A6 and other models will be appropriate premium rate increases, which requires you detailed advice to insurance companies.

Note that the whole car pilfer only if your vehicle is stolen vehicle, the insurance company will claim, if the vehicle is stolen some parts do not belong to the scope of compensation (such as common theft of tires, wipers stolen)

5: board officers liability insurance

Compensation for personal injuries in an accident caused by board staff. The driver and passengers are divided into two kinds, you can protect the driver or passenger individually. This is a kind of supplement personal accident insurance and personal accident insurance and other non-conflicting common compensation. Common insured 1 million yuan, 20,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan.

Additional insurance

Main general vehicle insurance insurance provides only the most basic protection, but the daily traffic will encounter many other issues, which need to be some additional insurance protection.

1: Additional insurance spontaneous loss (spontaneous combustion risk)

Spontaneous loss of insurance is a vehicle that occurred naturally when the vehicle caused by loss compensation to you. Spontaneous combustion means failure for their own reasons or cargo vehicle electrical appliances, wiring, fuel supply system, gas supply system caused the fire burning occurs resulting in the loss of the vehicle.

Insurance experts have warned that a number of supercharged cars or defective models natural heat dissipation at higher risk during the summer months, the proposed insured. In addition, according to the terms of compensation for the implementation of 20?f spontaneous combustion franchise, that insurance companies bear only 80?f the amount of the loss. So avoid spontaneous combustion vehicles is the last word.

Note: The car manufacturers were not paid for the altered lines, and spontaneous combustion occurred during the warranty period of the vehicle, so this part of the owners do not need to spontaneous combustion risk insurance.

2: Additional damage insurance body scratches (scratches insurance)

Scratches insurance is used to protect the vehicle's paint, paint coverage is limited to no obvious damage to the vehicle body collision. The loss of any car damage caused by the collision belongs to the category. In short scratches insurance is limited to the paint section, it does not contain any need for parts and other sheet metal damage, the insurance amount 2,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan or 20,000 yuan. Note: At present, insurance companies have no longer than three years "old car" handle scratches insurance, in addition to the current discount rate auto insurance premiums have begun to hook according to the number of occurrences and the amount, if you have several years does not appear, then perhaps their own It will be more cost-effective to spend money to repair.

3: additional glass breakage alone (glass insurance)

Risk refers to the windshield glass or window glass broken and separate compensation, vehicle accident caused by breakage of glass is not included. This risk can be selected domestic and imported glass glass, the owner can choose. Need to remind you that do not belong to the glass window glass breakage risk category but belong to car damage.

4: Special engine damage insurance (engine inlet risk)

Also refers to an engine failure in the vehicle after the insurance or wading in water due to start. Car damage is not covered engine inlet fault compensation, this additional risk can increase engine protection. If you do not buy this additional risk, after the water engine overhaul of his own pocket is not a small sum, which was also 20?xcluding franchise.

5: Additional excluding special franchise

In front of a number of insurance are mentioned excluding franchise, it refers to when the dangerous condition of the claim, the insurance company is not 100?ompensation for all your losses. Such as loss of engine particularly dangerous Excluding franchise is 20?meaning the insurance company for compensation only 80?f the cost of engine maintenance, yourself to bear 20?f the maintenance costs.

Refers not count special franchise, you buy the additional insurance, non-deductible portion of the designated insurance programs are also borne by the insurance company, you do not need to spend a penny. Many people are often ignored, in fact, this is a very useful additional risks.

A, B, C Terms

Currently there are A, B, C three insurance provisions, in fact, is based on the People's Insurance Regulatory Commission (A), Ping An (B), the Pacific (C) to develop the terms of three other insurance companies choose according to their own set of circumstances. Three terms consistent with the main content, some details differ slightly.

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