Easy Tutorial wiring tachograph

In order to guard against "Pengci party," the first time I put the recorder installed in the car after the mention cars. I was not thinking when installing wiring, but to direct the power cord hanging down, while driving I can ignore this hanging power lines. Until one day, I have nothing else to take a demolished interior of the sled tried to hide the power cable, without dismantling anything, the line will be perfectly hidden in the trim. I summed up experiences, identify wiring tachograph actually can be very simple, with similar needs who are also owners of a friend to try it yourself!

Determine the installation location

Tachograph installed position, the closer the better view of the vehicle - a greater angle to center shot, two inner mirror to influence the vicinity of the front sight mounting block is minimal. I tachograph between the inner rearview mirror and mounting the windshield, are among the most centered position. Mounted to be noted that in this position, if the recording device and so close to the mirror, can affect the adjustment of the angle of the mirror. I had not noticed when installed, so that the tachograph and in the rearview mirror too close, resulting in the adjustment of the angle when loggers lead to a shift off, only the base and then stick it again ......

Need tools used

Since this car wiring without removing anything, therefore only a simple, three types of tools: sled, 3M double-sided tape and glue. The sled can easily tachograph line closed at trim inside; of course, if you feel the amazing strength of the hand, you can not pry board, bare hands can complete wiring. Wherein the double-sided tape is used to stick a section of the power line, it will be mentioned below. As 3M adhesive may be used to secure the tachograph base, may also be fixed to the wire harness large.

Preparation before wiring: Tools and ready to do the idea in mind

Once you determine a good tachograph installed position, the first thing to do is to figure out the location of wiring, cabling and see how it can make the line as much as possible hidden. This step may seem simple, but in reality is the most critical aspect of the final effect wiring is beautiful, to see your own pre-sentenced. Next, check the wiring will have elapsed site: car interior materials of the soft and hard points, if it is a soft material, the wiring operation is easy, can be pressed simply touch a tachograph to go into the power supply line; if the case of a hard material, it can only by a sled, and then forced open the power supply line to go into the gap.

For equipped with side curtain air models, we have to be careful when wiring a number of operations, pay attention to bypass the air curtain bounce position, to avoid the effects of air curtain critical time work.

When wiring carried out: more patience, attention to the intensity

Tachograph wiring operation, we recommend starting power from the USB interface recorder, i.e. to let the roof line direction "go." It is easy to position the roof line, we direct the wire into the gap between the roof trim and the glass on it. Here's operating hand can easily solve, but with skid plate auxiliary wiring plug wire can make the effect more perfect.

A column line when tucked position, we will see the situation: For the A-pillar with a side curtain air model, plaque side curtain which would be more flexible position, we have to be especially careful in the wiring, the intensity should be controlled properly operating avoid ruining trim; without the a-pillar side curtain models, we direct the wire into the herd. This time we used to demonstrate the vehicle is not equipped with side curtain airbags, between hard and soft A-pillar trim the gap to two lines into the herd.

After down column A from the line, we find that the glove box of the vehicle trim part is sealed after the line down from the A-pillar can not be directly through the tank jacket later. Vehicle encounter such a structure, we can only make enough to continue to go down the line. Broke the door frame sealing tape, we can easily go into the line, and then continue to go down the line.

Traces continue to pedal position in the middle of the right front door, looking out through the thread gap. Since plaque pedal position is extremely high hardness of hard plastic, in this position by means of the wiring needed sled.

When the power line went through the gap of the pedal, the next line will have two options: First, through the carpet directly to the bottom of the glove box, to find the position of the fixed power supply line, and finally take the open wire reaches the cigarette lighter.

Second, the dark lines across the glove fabric continues, longer reach the open wire cigarette lighter. I chose the second method, because the wiring so the visual effect is better, and more secure, but the operation will be more trouble.

This car are relatively hard plastic trim and sealing properties also doing better, dark cloth line, then more demanding, with a small work space, really bad position to grasp. I will come across the line a little trouble crossing the glove box - the cigarette lighter socket in the glove box, locate the lever on the card, and I had a hard time to solve the problem. To be noted that when the intensity of the line through the positioning rod glovebox to avoid broken rod.

After the power cord through the glove box, I found some open wire can not be avoided, but just a little treatment, then this will not be very conspicuous bright line.

Finally, the power cord plug cigarette lighter socket, can confirm the tachograph after power and normal startup, the wiring operation will be done.

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