Prohibited car modification project

The reason to write this article, because inadvertently saw a female face forum owners. The BMW X1 owners to dress up your car, buy a lot of accessories, including a "TAXI" imitation of the word taxi dome light, wanted to talk about after the road was detained at the police. Although the dress from the point of view this is clearly not a black car, but police were "won" a certain feeling not how. Now the vehicle is not simply a means of transport, it has also become a lot of people a platform to display their individuality, but in life as well as what are the risks of illegal decorate it? Today to talk easily "be won" little decoration.

imitation of taxi top light

We from the Internet and learned that a number of Auto Parts City, sales of this business a few taxi dome light. This dome light generally cost 20 to 30 yuan from top to bottom, and more generally for the black car drivers to buy, of course, there are a few private car owners to buy the pursuit of individuality. If you just feel quite interesting, keep'd bought nothing wrong, but if placed on the roof or in the center console is likely to suspected irregularities, the event was as black car stopped on the road, hard nut to crack may be too miserable .

Body garland

Now to the car stickers pull spend very common, in order to meet the different needs of individual owners, the market garland also a wide variety of styles. In fact, the vehicle to do some simple personality dress, this idea is understandable, but must comply with relevant regulations, if the garland style involves some special identifier, such as police, fire, emblem, badge or other identification aid, it is not taken. At the same time identifies a number of foreign-related departments of the same is not permitted, such as the US police badge, "911" words and so on are not allowed to pay special attention to the time to buy.

license frame

Today, some of the cartoon-style license plate frame is the favorite to win the female owner, but you know this license holder is prohibited by public security organs, because he's easy to block the numbers on both sides of the live camera, there is obscured license plate of the suspect. At the same time as the introduction of the most serious cross-compliance regulations, and present a lot of 4S shop comes with a license holder does not comply, its name appears as the license holder telephone, or over a certain width of the border is illegal. Therefore we recommend try not to use license plate frame.

plush toys

Many women car owners prefer to put some of the plush toys in the car, this approach is understandable, but should pay attention to the windshield, especially after the wind must not hang on too many plush pendant, so as not to block the line of sight, and also prone to danger during emergency braking. If the wind plush toys placed too much police can also be won, so women a vehicle to pay special attention to.

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