Interior space accommodating coup

Saying that the editorial department have a working car, as a commuter, planning topics of special vehicles, has become a partner of our daily work. Because more people use, when the vehicle in good times and bad, of course, this is not the cause of the worst and most appalling is inside cars, test drive tools and misplacing items, can be used to describe the chaos, do not believe you can look at the picture.

And we own a vehicle it is like living space, if often made a mess of things lying around, people are sitting in the car feel unhappy, just to give you some of Amway car storage coup today. . .

What storage method we have the car?

Articles segregated

Each car has its own large and small storage space, and these storage designed from the beginning that takes into account the usefulness, but we did not take advantage of a variety of storage space, I believe that many owners are there to see the place to put to put, often have to take the time to find the time to roll, I suggest you make good use of storage space, all kinds of items will be segregated, so look too easy, I will give you summarize the various compartments corresponding to those items It placed.

This is often carried out in accordance with all models of storage space classification, for the driver, the storage box to the left of the door storage compartments, cup holders which can be well utilized, such as a bill of this kind you can with these clips unify into a storage compartment door or the inside of the console box, and coin cup holder which can be stored in a unified position, pick up is also convenient.

The bottom of the trunk storage and under-seat storage tank you can incorporate a lot of personal items (shoes, clothes, etc.), or vehicle emergency tool ......

Prepare a garbage bag

The whole family or group of friends to travel by car to the car and ultimately is prepared "dry food", but the consequences of eating in the car is often the vehicle will do a dirty, if you're sitting on someone else's car is this way, it is estimated the next you enter the "blacklist" of

Which storage article is for your car?

Storage box car caught


Often go fast friends may know, pay at the toll station when, often can not find the wallet to pay, then took notes after readily lost ...... In addition, we will often complain of too large a gap on both sides of the seat, often put things thrown into the seat next to go, caught between the storage box and this car can be a good problem-solving, used to display notes, and other small items, but the disadvantage is not segregated, only all piled up together.

Seatback pouch convenient multi-purpose hook


For family users, especially children and more, the car will become a playground two other children, toys, food, and ultimately, to see all, if directly take up the wait for the next cabin is a mess. Seat back storage bag has a lot of storage location, but also allows items segregated, put the child's toys and other snacks, do not worry about messing up the cabin, while the back row handling the goods do not have a lot of trouble.

Another convenience is the multi-purpose hook, this large load-bearing capacity, and the like used to hang the bag or bags and other items, but the disadvantage is not enough to put things, while rear passengers can pose a security risk.

Trunk storage box trunk network


This storage box for a vehicle, it is universal, you can put your trunk becomes chaotic structured and segregated, so that you also look at the psychological comfort, pick up a lot easier, and many species, there are hierarchical, drawers, combined, it is recommended that if more items can be selected hierarchical categories, so if can also be used when taking a trip of storage. In addition to storage box, there is a network storage, an article can be used to secure the trunk, to avoid movement during running.

Summary: The above methods and better storage items is to introduce, in both practical and easy to do well, of course, online articles is uneven, the owner can choose the appropriate storage items according to their needs.

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