Own air-conditioned car wash

Automotive air conditioning in summer and winter frequently, but many owners and did not think the car air-conditioning cleaning and maintenance in the season, adversely affect the use of the next year this will be air-conditioned. However, in order to prevent the owner forgotten when routine maintenance season, usually the owners themselves friends can accumulate under conservation experience, from time to time to wash the car yourself air conditioning, it is best to replace the clean air filter once a month.

Air filter under normal operating conditions, the life of a factory is 30,000 km or one year, if the air conditioning filter regularly to clean up, can extend the life of air-conditioning filter. If the vehicle has been used more than 20,000 kilometers above, it is recommended to replace the air filter. Of course, you do it yourself does not have to 4S shop maintenance experts smoothly, mainly because the location of the air filter easy to find, followed by some models may take more than a few screws removed in the removal and installation process.

DIY Replacement: 50 yuan

Different models of air filter position is different, there are two: 1. Some air filter below the front windshield of the car, is a diversion tank cover Wish replace the filter, first opened the hood, remove clamp fixed flow sink, remove the drip channel, you can see the air filter. Storage box 2. Most home air filter located in front of the passenger seat of the sedan under the wind, very convenient to disassemble, simply remove the storage box, you can see the air conditioning filter inside.

Replacement tips:

General rarely will help you clean sponge effect at the time to the 4S shop for air filter. I.e. that layer of sponge cell sponge with oil under the grid paper, is the first pass clean air conditioned car. Because the trouble of cleaning, 4S shop so little to do this procedure. But in the DIY replace the air filter, you can own cleaning: After washed with ordinary detergent, dry, rub evenly drop on oil, toilet paper and then adsorption excess oil, can be placed back.

Clean car air-conditioning cycle

The air-conditioned circulating air intake in the front passenger compartments. There is a spray nozzle that can be locked. It opens and locks, in a continuous automatic injection state, the floor on the front passenger. A direction toward the nozzle storage box, and the open air circulation, the maximum amount of wind can be completed after about five minutes, and then open the door breathable.

Outside the automotive air conditioning cleaning cycle

Open the cover fujia wipers, air conditioning removed by filtration, the open air, the outer loop, the maximum air volume. Continuous injection inlet sprays. Install the new filter element, the cleaning process is complete.

Notes on cleaning

Cleaning process, open the door or window to keep the car circulation period, if the evaporator has partially blocked, may be added a large amount of air conditioning spray cleaning, after each injection, allowed to stand for 10 minutes to dissolve the dirt. Repeatedly cleaning. Such as severe clogged folded repeatedly brushing with a brush.

The entire automotive air conditioning cleaning process is relatively simple, by yourself cleaning effect with the car wash beauty shop is almost, but also can save some money.

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