Notes brake oil

Recently, the quality supervision department of automotive brake oil quality sampling found that brake oil on the market as much as eighty percent failed. Brake fluid is brake fluid, transmission fluid pressure is a hydraulic vehicle brake system. The use of inferior brake fluid can damage brake wheel cylinders, resulting in brake failure, and produce accidents. Today, we introduce to owners to replace and buy some precautions brake fluid.

The best replaced every two years

Speaking of brake system maintenance, brake oil tend to be overlooked by many people. In fact, the brake fluid is an important transmission medium vehicle braking system, brake oil after prolonged use, the brake piston pump in the skin and there will be wear and tear, so after a period of time must be replaced.

So, under what circumstances need to replace the brake oil it? According to professionals, if the vehicle is in normal driving, always when braking suddenly overlook heavy, it is necessary for the timely replacement of brake oil, before replacing with alcohol the brake system clean. In the season season, especially in winter, if the car's braking effect is found to fall, which may be the brake fluid level suited to winter weather, and you should also consider replacing the new brake oil viscosity at low temperatures selection bias small oil.

Professional advice, in general, it is best to run checks every time the brake fluid when 10,000 to 20,000 km or two years, or 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers respond once the brake fluid replacement.

Do not use a colorless transparent oil brake

If the brake fluid quality tests, may damage the brake system to reduce braking performance, thereby causing brake lag even brake failure, resulting in a traffic accident. According to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau staff, harm poor quality brake fluid is generally difficult to find in the short term, very subtle, great harm. Inexperienced owners of the naked eye is often difficult to distinguish the authenticity of brake fluid, but by color and odor can still be distinguished.

According to professionals, brake oil often have inferior taste of alcohol, a liquid like water, and the magazine may occur and suspended solids, oil and brake acceptable shape similar to honey, light yellow or dark yellow, friction drops after the palm of the hand will be more be hotter.

Recommends that car owners will not be cheap in the selection of brake fluid, it is best to buy more than the label DOT4 brake fluid. In addition, too thin or completely colorless and transparent brake fluid, recommended that owners not to risk using.

Do not mix different brands of brake fluid

Further, should be reminded that, during use of the brake fluid, it is not possible to gasoline, diesel, oil or brake fluid mixed with a glass of water, which would significantly affect the braking effect.

Further, different types and brands of brake oil do not mix, there are special requirements for braking systems, the brake should bear a specific grade oil. Due to the different formulations of different brands and different types of brake fluid, brake fluid can cause brake mixing oil index declined. Even those miscible better, can indicate mixed or alternative brands, long-term and do not mix.

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