Own DIY repair tips

Loving car owners who may often have some small problems the car repair shops do not know to go see them, or they can begin to solve. In fact, as long as there is a certain amount of ability and interests of people, you can try it yourself to solve some small problems, so-called repair at no cost, . That is exactly what our own problems moving hands can solve it? Now let's look at some of their own vehicles tips.

1, wiper blade: general replaced once a year, if there are some small problems can repair it yourself.

Although the wipers will only be used frequently in the rain and fog and frost, but because of the long-term in-vehicle day fruit and rain, component aging quickly, if normal use, in general replaced once a year is appropriate.

The face of the dark clouds while driving, the vehicle is placed windshield glass dust Fengyang use water to clean, require the use of a wiper blade, a rough estimate, a wiper blade, the year could shave tens of thousands of times on the glass, it driving safety is also a prerequisite.

Sometimes it issued a "quack" noise when the wiper blade will start, in fact, is not the wiper aging damage the change, if the gadget repair, adjustment can continue to use. Try to use tweezers to clamp the rubber sheet and the gap at the respective joints connecting the wiper blade adjustments, the noise can be eliminated.

If you do not eliminate the noise, try to drive the wiper shaft parts to add a little oil or clean up the rust shaft.

Note that the use of qualified usual automotive glass of water, will preserve the life of the wiper blade or wiper. There is to be careful not to let the wipers too frequent use of prolonged idling, excessive use easily burn down the shaft.

2, the lamp can be extended lamp life trick

A new lamp wiped with alcohol, oil and fingerprints on the lamp is removed, which can appropriately extended lamp life. Since the lamp when the lighting is usually high operating temperatures, the surface of the oil left in the lamp bulb fingerprints and the like can cause uneven heat, thereby causing localized overheating of the lamp life is shortened.

Car headlight bulbs generally traveling 50,000 km or every 2 years or so, the brightness effect will be weakened, then need to replace the lamp. The light shade aging fuzzy, also affect road safety, so a lampshade but aging should be replaced immediately.

'If the vehicle height adjustment is not found over the headlight, the hood may be open, with a hole above the headlight, which is within the 6 angle Rose, owned by the car driver can be adjusted.

3, tire noisy how to do?

Tire noise itself is inevitable, but if the ambient noise is relatively small, will feel tire noise is particularly large, it is determined whether abnormal tire noise, to compare environmental noise and road conditions.

Unusual tire noise generally due to abnormal tire wear caused by tires used for some time, if you feel tire noise increases, can try to regularly clean up the stones tucked inside a tire tread, and can protect the tires, but also reduce tire noise .

Generally over the tire noise becomes smaller car driving rain, after washing the tire noise becomes large, because the inner fender mud noise absorption. If the inside of the front fender glue layer of black felt cloth or velvet to avoid this situation.

Daily use car every ten thousand kilometers to adjust the position of the tires every 20,000 km check wheel alignment, calibration adjustment if anomalies.

4, the remaining oil has magical: add up.

Each time maintenance, barrels of oil are used up, each of the remaining amount on the trunk lid cover it wants. Three or four times together remaining oil, enough maintenance time use.

Or each oil change can not take those remaining oil are kept up, after traveling 4000 kilometers, part of the oil extracted from the oil-foot, add the remaining oil, and then open 3000 km oil change.

Or when the next maintenance, oil After release, first into the cylinder was rinsed with a small amount of residual oil, the discharge end of oil remaining in the cylinder bottom, and then adding new oil, and better maintenance.

5, door handles loose, keyhole astringent: a screwdriver to add a little lubricant can handle that.

Open the front door, flanked by a plastic cover with a screwdriver to unscrew a screw can see inside, loose look, but do not completely unscrews from the outside to pull out the lock cylinder, which has a cable lock button on the handle, adjust the tightness of the cable can solve this problem.

Hatch seal blocking screws and push the sealing strip can be processed, cylinder coated with oil, can be solved.

Conclusion: A lot of people do not understand the structure of the car as long as there is a little bit of small problems, they panicked, anxious to repair shop, worried that the car has a big problem. In fact, many small problems did not need to go to the repair shop, as long as learning some simple car repair tips, easy to get yourself completely.

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