Multifunction steering wheel to use

As more and more models equipped with multi-function steering wheel, we operate daily driving has become easier, eliminating many tedious operations down to find the function keys, which also indirectly enhance traffic safety. Learn to use the multifunction steering wheel is necessary.

The multifunction steering wheel is usually provided with cruise control, the vehicle speed is generally greater than 30 or 40km/openable h, the toggle button down cruising speed can be adjusted, but in view of the current traffic conditions, urban traffic is not recommended to use this feature.

The multifunction steering wheel can also adjust the volume, and the CD or frequency conversion. The multimedia control function CD (pushed - a lower, at a push), when the down radio channel search, the next time a conversion between FM/AM/CD.

Usually the left lever for adjusting light (including headlights, front fog lights, turn signals), in addition to press the MENU key regulatory function in many vehicles. Usually the right lever switch for the front and rear wipers or wiper speed regulator, in addition to some models equipped with automatic adjustment of the wiper function by pressing the lever to open the top.

By setting the function keys of the most traditional center console, for most people, it is simple to use and easy to understand, we recommend a combination of central control and steering wheel in the course of everyday car. Driving using steering wheel buttons, after stopping the operation console may be used to ensure safety.

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