Occupant not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown from the vehicle died

On the bus, whether the driver or passengers should wear seatbelts, which is the basic common sense, but some people think that as long as the driver system can be, especially for rear passengers, often not wearing a seatbelt, but happens on that occasion the danger coming.

At 11:40 on February 18, 2019 Xu, Tan Mouliang driving Guangdong WHJ ** No. 1 small car to take four people traveling from the direction of Guangzhou City Luoding City, the line to G25-18 line deep Cen-speed 260 km + when the 100 m sections, slippery because of rain with the improper operation of the collision with the guardrail, causing vehicle damage, the car occupant deaths 1 1 1 injured minor injuries.

Tan Mouliang drivers do not realize that rain slippery road traffic safety increased risk, driving rain and slippery road to improper operation of the collision with the guardrail in the same direction, causing the vehicle to spin, severe damage to the vehicle side collision with a highway guardrail, left the door was forced open, because the car back 3 of them did not wear seat belts, resulting in two people were thrown from the vehicle, causing the death of 1 1 seriously injured. 1 other person has not been thrown out of the car also suffered minor injuries. This car a total of five people inside the car, rear passengers were not wearing seat belts, however, take the front of the driver and another passenger, due to the use of seat belts, there is no harm.

According to the survey data show that the car can cause a traffic accident casualties, the use of seat belts in 70?hance of survival; accidents, frontal collision, the seat belt can reduce mortality by 57?side collision can be reduced 44?80?eduction in roll! If you do not wear a seat belt, even if it is 20km/h per hour accident will also have consequences you can not afford! So, do not always think not wearing a seatbelt will be just fine points, please understand the importance of seat belts, seat belts = life with!

by law:

"People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law" Article 51 states: motor vehicle, driver and the passengers should be required to use seat belts, motorcycle drivers and passengers should wear safety helmets regulations.

"Guangdong Province road safety regulations," Article 31 states: motor vehicle shall be equipped with seat belts in accordance with national standards, keeping in place effective, must not be removed. When the motor vehicle, driver and passengers shall use safety belts as required.

The driver should urge the occupants use seat belts. No driver shall drive a motor vehicle in the case of the passenger seat belt is not used as prescribed.

Article 59 The eleventh, "the Guangdong Provincial Road Traffic Safety Regulations" provides that: the driver or passenger seat belt is not used in accordance with the provisions ordered to correct a warning or a fine of two hundred yuan.

All in all, "Drive to wear seat belts," "ride must wear a seat belt," This is not only the law, but also to the need for security, especially for rear passengers, do not covet a moment of comfort to the neglect of life Safety.

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