DIY's five car Notes

More and more car owners like yourself to do small maintenance, small repairs, modifications or something small. One to enjoy the fun of DIY, and secondly also save the time charge 4S shop, maintenance. But because the operation is not standardized, from time to time there are some thrilling accidents. To give you a DIY operation carried out more safely, we specifically put together this article, I hope you enjoy DIY fun, but also to ensure its own security.

To someone custody or placed under the car when the job alert signs

If the car needs to go under the car failure, we must pay attention to find someone to help look at the next delivery, or set up a warning sign next to the car. Especially when the roadside car repair, aims to avoid passing traffic through, but you also happens to crash out on the cause of the drill or rolling.

If you only own one, at least you want to place the warning triangle behind the car. In addition, warning triangle correct placement method is 50-150 meters away at the rear of the car, 50 meters outside the city roads, highways recommended to place 150 meters away.

exterior repair remember the hand brake to prevent the vehicle sliding

If you need to drill into the bottom of the vehicle or outside the vehicle maintenance vehicles, we must remember handbrake. Because to get off work and did not pull the handbrake, was killed in his car injured have been numerous cases of.

To avoid the underlying stuff in the car to change a tire when the vehicle hit the man fall

Each replacement tire might be a car owner, would most likely be related to a DIY operation. For details on the operation to change a tire, I do not intend to say that today, we have introduced a separate article, interested users can click the link to read.

We are saying is matters when changing a tire to note: changing a tire when the jack after use to top up the car, the first stuffed under the car near the spare tire replacement tire place. The aim is to avoid a sudden failure or because the jack slip, causing the vehicle to drop down causing damage to people or vehicles.

We used to have friends in the replacement tire, tire mat step above. Slide jack result, the vehicle hit the brakes to the smashed down, the only good news is that no casualties.

Also worth mentioning is the use jack is also a technology live. First you must first find a flat and hard place as a strong point, if the ground is too soft to use, hard to find a way to find a flat object pad below.

Secondly, we must identify the jack support level below the reserved car. Otherwise there might be in addition to vehicle damage, half-way there will be danger of slipping.

modification in control, air conditioning, stereo avoid damage when a vehicle with a professional skid plate

Modifications to the vehicle original DVD, air conditioning and audio equipment upgrade also looks like a lot of owners willing to do things yourself. But these modifications need dismantled but happens panel and interior, there are many owners direct direct hand holding a screwdriver to open and even did accidentally get damaged interior parts.

Suggest that you need during dismantled or modified car interior panels, the use of professional skid plates to operate turnovers damage to a minimum. Such a professional car has several sled member, to meet the basic needs of various dismantled screws, plastic snap, a large area of ??the panel. The price is very cheap, online shopping is only 20-30 yuan a set.

To avoid fire, replace the fuel filter ignition Do not smoke

Some cattle will replace the fuel filter yourself, this dangerous point. In general we do not recommend their own replacement, if you have to challenge, it is best to lift the machine up to replace.

Replace the time to pay attention to fire prevention, because at the moment there will be some pressure spray of gasoline disassembled. If you happen to smoke ignition, it is estimated will be getting burned up. In addition, in order to avoid sputtered gasoline in your eyes, you can prepare in advance an old towel in the joints.

After replacing the fuel filter is complete, remember to try to fight the fire hit twice. Since the fuel filter replacement, gasoline in the line pressure decreases. After the key to open the door and let pump work put into the air for proper ignition smoothly.

Summary: DIY is a good thing, exercise your ability, rapid increase understanding of the vehicle at the same time, but also save money. But be sure to follow mentioned in this article, do some preventive measures to avoid accidents DIY process. In addition, the owners welcome you to put some of their own DIY considerations, to share out through article comments for the benefit of the majority of riders.

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