Interpretation modified xenon headlights

To enhance the night driving sight by retrofitting xenon headlamps owners more and more. However, due to xenon lamp market products very much, good and bad enemy, resulting in modified xenon lamp arise out of many problems. So, methods and precautions modified xenon headlamps, what does? You eliminating owners.

modified method

Method a: The halogen bulbs replaced xenon bulb

Advantages: Since the market has been launched adapted H7, H4, H3, H1, HB3, HB4 halogen bulb like xenon bulb, so almost all of the models can be applied.

Disadvantages: Due to a severe negative impact on the one hand xenon bulb and a halogen bulb original size, dimensions are different, the light emitting section inevitably deviate from the focus position, so that there is no lights condensed beam without the correct function, and even chance the car will lead to blinding hundredfold increase. On the other hand due to the change of the original car circuit, once the product quality problems, it is likely to cause dangerous short circuit fire.

Method Two: Replace headlight assembly

Advantages: This modified embodiment mainly prepro supporting xenon headlights, i.e. a xenon light source with a light distribution and mirrors designed specifically for them, and thus become an ideal retrofit method.

Cons: expensive.

Method three: the installation of the roof at the front or the auxiliary lamp xenon

Pros: This modification is relatively flexible, the user can select the appropriate product according cowl styling of the vehicle and their own preferences, choose the right installation location to install to meet individual needs. Xenon-based auxiliary lamp high beam, a small diameter is generally 80 to 90 mm, as large as 200 mm, respectively for trucks, off-road vehicles, such as different car models.

Cons: For vehicles around the front bumper and grille have certain size requirements, modifications need to be carefully measured before.


Ensure the quality of the boutique

At present, the xenon lamp on the market can be described as good and bad. Imports, domestic, OEM, and dozens on the market. A decoration shop staff in Chengdu told reporters: "the market xenon lamps, there are many products are actually the same manufacturer for the same product, but labeled different logos it xenon headlamps is a process and technology is very complex parts, no. good xenon lamp life is often very short, very easy to burn out bulbs, and brightness and color temperature of scattering angles often do not meet the requirements, so the best choice for certain well-known manufacturers of products. At present, with the strength of the global automotive xenon lamp manufacturing only a handful of business, technical brand in Europe has been represented, such as:. PHILIPS, HELLA, EOS, OSRAM, etc. "

Note that the provisions do not exceed the "flip"

The streets at night, the reporter found that some owners to retrofit lights after cooler, "more" flip ", select high color temperature light color bluish xenon lamp, but this particular blue light will stimulate the opposite passers-by and drivers eyes, not only unpleasant, but also affect security; on the other hand, many owners do not pay attention to driving at night with lights rules, such as the wrong car high beam, flashing lights and other random response, need to be reminded that the traffic control. department of automotive lighting made a mandatory requirement in power, headlights wattage can not exceed 60 watts. wattage lights and colors are limited, we must pay attention to comply with provisions in this regard when the owners were light bulb upgrade, lights so as to avoid irregularities, but off the vehicles examined undone. Reporter Huang Mingjun

to sum up:

And a xenon lamp containing xenon headlights novel, also known as high intensity discharge lamp gas, English abbreviation HIDIntensityDis-chargeLamp, xenon lamp broke Edison tungsten light principle, high pressure inert gas is filled in the quartz tube - xenon xenon, substituted traditional filament, mercury and carbon compounds on the two electrodes, the ballast to 23,000 volts through the high-voltage current to stimulate the xenon emission, perfect white arc formed between the electrodes, the light emitted nearly perfect sun Light. Currently, 30?f the world's car manufacturers have already put before the xenon headlights as original equipment vehicle, Audi A6, Passat B5, Buick Regal, Mazda 6 luxury models are equipped with xenon headlights. At the same time, due to the current owners to continue to understand xenon technology, the original headlight conversion Xenon halogen lamp front of the car also has become a hot market.

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