Brake converted two errors

Some friends feel bad braking performance of the original are so anxious for large brakes, multi-piston brake calipers. Some friends for a 4-piston brake calipers and brake discs, more extreme cases there will be six-piston brake calipers. So in other parts do not change the premise of simply replacing the brake can increase the number of performance? Here let us rational analysis.

The first myth is that blind replacement of brake discs and brake calipers

Now almost all models are equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system. When the time you go to full brake, brake disc brakes will clamp, after hard braking wheels are approaching a locked state, the locking moment, ABS wheel is detected by a sensor close to a locked state , ABS started. It will automatically release the brakes and let the moment the wheels from locking state, because the wheels from locking lose tracking of. After re-tracking of obtaining release after ABS brakes, brake will close to a locked state, and then back and forth until the car stopped functioning. ABS work in this process is the locking edge of struggle, that is, the state transition from the static friction between the tire and the ground state to the slip between the dynamic friction. ABS activation instructions calipers clamping force has been significantly more than the tire friction with the ground, in this case, if we continue to increase the caliper clamping force, whether it can reduce the braking distance in the true sense?

Really make the car stopped moving force, is administered on the ground tire friction, this friction limits the maximum clamping force of the caliper. An analogy, suppose tire friction with the ground up to 1000 cattle, calipers clamping force of 2,000 cattle. So after calipers clamp 100?maximum friction between the tire and the ground or 1,000 cattle, even if upgraded calipers clamping force of 3000 cattle, maximum friction between the tire and the ground or 1,000 cattle. No matter how much you replace the brakes, maximum tire friction is always limited to the caliper play. ABS When it starts, it depends on when your tires lose grip, rather than on what you changed the brake discs and calipers. Calipers force is bigger if not better with the tire is useless.

So, for the average non-competitive situation, depending on the performance of the brakes of what? First of all, if the car brakes ABS best to start soon, indicating calipers efforts far exceed tire grip. So, our first consideration is not to replace the brake itself, our first consideration is to replace the standard tires. Tire performance determines how many calipers clamping force is transmitted to the road surface. F1 cars are competitive and other hot-melt or semi-melt tire tread, the tire is to make more effective to seize the ground, let's do not go blindly increase the clamping strength calipers, choosing instead to better performance tires. Of course, the competitive situation not only look at these, but also heat exhaustion performance brake system. And we need to first consider non-competitive vehicle performance heat exhaustion.

Here, you may have understood the meaning. If your car is not good braking performance, the most important reason is that the tires grip performance is not good. Sports tires can choose to upgrade the existing tires. While widening the tire width is appropriate to increase the effective frictional force approach. On the basis of the tire upgrade, you can upgrade brakes and calipers, this time greatly enhance braking performance. And simple upgrade brakes and calipers often do not achieve the desired results. Only after the grade and width of the tire upgrade, and then consider upgrading brakes and calipers, it is the most scientific.

The second myth is that the front and rear calipers with the unreasonable

Some people think that by the front wheel brake is basically done, often only do the upgrade for the front wheel brake system, in fact, this approach is wrong. Front and rear brake proportioning particularly important. When the brakes, front and rear braking distribution according to what proportion, manufacturers have accurately calculated. The longitudinal distribution ratio and the weight ratio of the vehicle center of gravity height and body related. For example: If the braking force to the original 60?o 40?ehind the front, so we upgraded the brakes to try not to change the ratio of the brake. In this case, if you can just change the front brakes calipers, regardless of brake discs and calipers back, then your practice will change the ratio of the intensity of the original front and rear brakes. This will not only lead to increased stopping distances, and will make it easier for the vehicle out of control. In this case, the original ratio of 60? 40?f the front and rear braking force is broken, for example to 70? 30?it is very easy to premature wheel tends to lock up, the ABS starts. At this time, the rear tire performance has not been fully played. So the resulting decline in performance and handling at the same time.

The best way is to upgrade the original car brake discs and calipers in proportion to upgrade. We must first understand the distribution ratio parameters before and after the original car brakes, front and rear chosen on the basis of this disc and caliper. The only way to maximize braking performance, or only half done.

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