Mercedes-Benz CLA maintenance manual parsing

Mercedes-Benz CLA is both a luxury brand's compact sedan, the compact car field is the main selling point of the movement to pull the wind coupe. It is based on the new Mercedes-Benz A-class platform to build, its shape design young, fashion, their smaller body size brings more flexible control. Today we have for you the first to shoot to the Mercedes-Benz CLA's maintenance manual, let us look at the following careful analysis, Mercedes-Benz CLA in the end give us what kind of surprise in the after-sales maintenance and use.

New car introduction:

Dynamic part Benz CLA 260 4MATIC models equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 211 horsepower engine, peak torque of 350N? M, with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. CLA is equipped with 4MATIC four-wheel drive system makes it stand out in its class opponents. Mercedes CLA four Coupe body length and breadth were 4637mm/1891mm/1398mm, for today's compact-class model embodies the most dynamic design language.

Maintenance Manual:

Mercedes-Benz CLA vehicle warranty period is 2 years (not kilometers). Vehicle maintenance to be carried out during the first 10,000 km or 1 year, after a routine maintenance recommended every year or 10,000 km.

The provisions of a vehicle in a manual for the oil and oil filter changed every 10,000 km. With an indication of the vehicle inspection and replacement cycle of most items, such as the air cleaner element every 20,000 km or 4 years to replace, the brake fluid is replaced every 2 years, automatic transmission oil and filter every 3 years or 50,000 km replacement plug connection line is changed every 60,000 km.

to sum up:

Mercedes-Benz launched the official website of CLA ads, CLA handsome appearance scare opponents all kinds of urine and Baotoushucuan allow many young people very much looking forward to it. Admittedly the exterior design on the CLA is indeed more Gallas wind, I believe it will come in the pursuit of luxury cars attract a lot of quality, fashion-loving young friend. In terms of maintenance, the Mercedes-Benz CLA offers vehicle warranty period of 2 years (not kilometers), but in terms of the maintenance period after every 10,000 km maintenance belong to a relatively long period.

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