DIY installation of ceiling handle damping means

Automobile production cost control will occasionally have "obsessive-compulsive disorder detail" people quite unhappy, such as once with a roof handle damping now become a "bam bam" to ring, no way, are seeking to maximize the benefits of doing business but for such a small "reduction with," we can get it back to yourself, do not bother. Today is going to talk about the details of DIY installation of a very small thing - ceiling handle damping device.

The installation cost?

The little things in the store or online can buy, I recommend buy online, because it is cheap, not worth to shop around, the effort was not enough money. Taobao search handle damping means there will be a lot of businesses, prices are a little more expensive $ 2, you have a little more than $ 5, its experience, their practical effect and in fact there is no difference, so for which do not buy too tangled, choose a sales and evaluation are still on the line.

Tools needed

The tool requires little installation on two kinds of things: 1, screwdriver; 2, needle nose pliers (elongated jaw as far as possible). Screwdriver blade screw is to look at the car what kind of match on the line, some models are cross screws, also used hex screws.

1.6L Bora model is modified, a total of three roof handle, the handle is not the driver's side, there is no reserved bits (the game is also the installation of ...... eyeglass case), so today three damping means mounted on the line.


The first is the handle removed from the ceiling, to be noted that the fixed roof handle screw is generally longer, it is recommended to use a screwdriver to tighten the other screws here are ordinary cross, but also spline screws, so be sure to use appropriate tool to operate.

Remove the fixed shaft to find two handles are not the same, wherein the side of the shaft has a spring which is responsible for providing resilience, and only a fixed shaft on the other side, it seems empty, we want to add damping device installed on here is to restore the original feel.

The most important step is to grip the inside of the shaft with a suitable tool, pull out it will be. I passed several tests, this action is required for the tool is still very demanding, head slightly shorter or slightly wider can not be caught, such as tweezers and pliers round tool will not work, needle nose pliers ultimately the most appropriate .

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