Look overtake the front, the rear of the car will look

"Look overtake the front, the rear of the car will look"! Old driver of lessons learned, still do not understand do not drive

With the absolute increase in the number of cars, many drivers are Novice, just attended the exam traffic rules, the rules do not necessarily remember very clearly when, on the way encountered a variety of complex road conditions but also flexibility and fast processing, otherwise it is likely that a careless violation, penalty points followed, if so it may just suffer some losses on the economy, if a traffic accident caused by mishandling, it may be that the lesson of blood, so we drove out, or to grasp some tips essentials, so as to prepare themselves, "overtaking see the front, the rear of the car will look"! Old driver of lessons learned, but also do not understand do not drive.

In fact, many of the drivers to master driving a little longer, there will be a wide variety of easy to understand and easy to remember driving small formulas, today we have to introduce a daily driving will certainly be used. That is, "to see overtaking the front, the rear of the car will look at" how to interpret this sentence and the memory of it.

In fact, overtaking is a certain risk, if not more attention, it is prone to accidents because overtaking vehicle must be raised to the next one state, and the distance from the vehicle in front had closer. So if overtaking driver careless operation, with the scratch occurred super car, after that car is to take full responsibility, so here "to see overtaking front" has two meanings, one meaning is, before the car if you plan to go beyond car, must observe the front of the vehicle in front, observe the vehicle in front is not a lane change meaning, if it is confirmed before the car will remain straight, the car can operate overtaking.

The other is to look at the rearview mirror before overtaking, look at the back of his own car vehicle is not to exceed their own car, if the car over to himself, will have to keep straight, to avoid a collision if the car does not go beyond, themselves before they can overtake, the other is seen from the size of the rear-view mirror of the car, the car can determine their distance, only the front of the rear view mirror getting smaller and smaller, this time after the car with their increasingly distance when the larger, then overtaking is safe to operate.

So "we will look at the rear of the car." What does it mean? In fact, there are two meanings, one is to see each other rear direction is not there other vehicles or pedestrians, to avoid the intersection after the completion of their own hit other vehicles or pedestrians; then one is immediately after the intersection is if the road turning, then from the rearview mirror was observed with the tail of the intersection of the vehicle, make sure that your vehicle does not scrape its tail.

The phrase "see overtaking the front, the rear of the car will look" Although only ten words, but it is old drivers concise meaning of the four areas, if by heart, can greatly improve the level of traffic safety.

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