Driving test subjects two speed control technique

Speed ??control is very important in subjects II, but still control the speed to control the clutch and brake, clutch and brake use of skilled, able to control the speed of natural ease, two subjects that control the speed of skill, what does?

Speed ??control techniques

1, the clutch pressure slow step should be fast, with a foot placed on the pedal when depressed, to avoid slipping foot.

2, the road is not smooth in some places can be a little on the brakes to control the speed, but it should be light step on the brake, the process of gradually augmented, should not slam the brakes.

3, regardless of when the ground is still Banpo start, can accurately sense the state-clutch semi-linkage, to develop first start to slowly lift the clutch semi-linkage, then slowly release the brakes until the car started.

4, when parking, the first step on the clutch, the brakes, parking back to neutral, and then can be the first loose clutch brake release.

Speed ??control is not good reason

1, inappropriate shoes, can not perceive the level of the clutch pedal.

2, the clutch pedal incorrectly,

3, usually over-reliance on the coach command, independence is not strong.

4, driving tension, a tension will suddenly open or slam on the clutch,

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