Automotive Safety Precautions winter

It is said that winter in the South seem to have a kind of magic, if the northern winter, although the temperature is low, but as long as a few pieces of clothing you can wear anti past. The temperature in the South, although not so scary, but it cast a cold spell in general there is always a way to get into your bones sewn the deepest, despite how useless dress! In any case, people know the cold wear more clothes, the car in the cold the season actually need the owner's care. In order to see the car, for our own security, what needs to be done in this chilly season it?

1, ventilation preventing winter storm

Cool windy weather, most drivers choose to close the window travel, the cabin warm and stuffy atmosphere makes it easy for drivers who drowsy, easy distraction, reduced attention, leading to traffic accidents. Therefore, even if the window should be opened from time to time in the cold days make change compartment ventilation, is a cold shock, the driver's mind will be more sober. If the vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, let the sunroof open a crack is also good, both ventilation and avoids the cold air poured too fast.

2, an electrically heated windshield caution

Over the past before and after the windshield heating function is luxury equipment, but now even a few million cars, mostly rear window heating function is also standard. This function is mainly to use in the winter when the temperature is low, the purpose is to eliminate the accumulation of mist on the windscreen. Resistance wire inside the windshield is rapid heating, if outdoor temperature is too low, the car also posted proof membrane, glass tends to burst due to uneven heating. Car wash in cold weather, forget to turn off the windshield glass electrically heated easily lead to burst. Therefore, unless really heavy fog, seriously affect vision, so electrically heated windscreen or less better.

3, pay attention to the battery status

Cold weather, the car is not easy to start, requires that the battery has sufficient power output can be successfully ignited. Due to a decrease in performance of the battery at low temperature, it is regularly detected, maintenance batteries, and maintain its normal voltage level. When launching the ignition vain, to wait for about 30 seconds to launch again, avoid continuous ignition to prevent depletion of energy. A car, it is best to work after ignition the engine driving lights, radios and other appliances, the first parking off various electrical appliances, turn off the engine after. After stopping try not to use electricity, particularly electric windows, horn and other power-intensive equipment.

4, should maintain a normal tire pressure

Some drivers tend to believe that, due to the cold and rainy winter in the south, while some places may appear frost road conditions, tire pressure and therefore should reduce the number of wheels, in order to increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, believing it will increase friction ,safer. In fact, this practice more harm than good.

Modern vehicles for the needs of comfort, normal tire pressure has been low, if the blood pressure, tire and wheel are easily damaged. Continued lack of tire pressure in the tire situation, it is easy to puncture, so winter tires in accordance with the usual standard inflation on the line.

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