How to retrieve mistakenly penalty scores of traffic police

The river walk, how can we avoid wet shoes, often traveling on the road you should have experienced master fined by traffic police, you say you are driving 2--3 years, not detained too, and people are embarrassed to say hello . However, there are always unexpected things, this is not my colleague suffered a couple of days ago One of the more depressing things, negligence, driving restricting the number of vehicles traveling was stopped by traffic police and were punished. The puzzle is, the only limit to the fine-line penalty of $ 100, additional traffic police was deducted three points for the penalty, he also expressed unreasonable these days has a lot to say with these three points to take back, Here we follow the edit a look at how he could find it to be "false penalty," the three points.

In this matter, there is a critical need to point the majority of users and their owners pay attention, that is what we suffer in this matter the place, that is, when the traffic police to punish you, prescribe appropriate punishment documents, this time you must confirm the information and traffic police, which is on the grounds and in the form of punishment punishment for confirmation, we do not lose this!

My colleague and because there was no traffic police to confirm an error when police entered illegally coding produced false positives, and print out the wrong decision document, the result when the two sides were not found. (When the traffic violation will be punished performing encoding an input dedicated POS machine, the machine printed in the corresponding summary judgment penalties will after identification, credentials as a basis and pay a fine of disposal) behind this has been the appeals process, on this point we must be careful not to repeat our mistakes.

Scores can be mistaken penalty to come back it?

As my colleagues did not confirm the details of illegal information and the traffic police in an interview with spot punishment, so we can only appeal after the fact, we call the telephone traffic team to punish us, and illustrates the situation at that time, traffic team gave us feedback that they need to further verify the situation, we will call back later, the next day received a phone traffic team, he said to us in the past to verify the situation, so we went to our traffic team penalties together.

After we arrived at the office and the traffic police force and police described the general situation, the staff will ask you to go through the entire details of the event written in text form and, finally, to sign it, to note here is that in the writing process , be sure to date, license plate number, location and detailed road name and other information such as a full write for internal verification staff behind, or is likely to make you rewrite it, because my colleague is not detailed enough to write, staff logical unclear after checking the contents untrue other reasons to fight back directly to the rewritten to colleagues is very depressed, she had been nagging: this calligraphy came.

After submission of the incident, the staff will ask you at this time do not pay the fine, in the meantime without fear involves the issue of late payment, the staff will help us to do the appropriate treatment, we need only go back to other letters children on the line .

We successfully recovered the 3 points!

After the incident submitted documents, we follow the staff said, waited for two days, traffic police team finally call our legal staff and was told we reflect has been verified, the punishment is indeed wrong. We can go to the traffic police team to accept the deal, they will return false penalty of three points back, and let us pay a fine of 100 yuan this should be fined.

Do not forget to due process violation

After reaching the traffic police force, the staff in the understanding of our situation, our system will soon by illegal retrieval of records out, and and we were confirmed. Then the staff will punish the wrong way by three points to return to the computer operation to a colleague's account, and told us to go to pay a fine of 100 yuan for violating tail number limit line is a punishment.

At this point, we appeal the whole process is over, the whole is relatively smooth, the staff did not shirk responsibility for the behavior occurs, during which positive and we confirm that this "vindication mission" has been completed successfully.

In addition, if you do not timely confirmation and judgment after receiving finished punishment, put himself paid the fine, penalty later found wrong, then we have the text of the complaint process and method is also applicable to your situation.

traffic violation may be exempted from punishment under what circumstances?

In our normal daily driving, because inevitably encounter some emergency situations involving illegal driving, the traffic police actually not so ruthless that we think, in the face of these circumstances we can be dismissed by a reasonable explanation punishment. For example, in the road transport critically ill patients to the hospital or to send candidates to the test center examinations, in these exceptional circumstances, we may need to pass through a red light, go the emergency lane, even retrograde way to save the patient's life or time served candidates to the test center, If the punishment at this time, is it too innocent it? Do not worry!

If this time we were stopped by traffic police, traffic police to explain the situation, and as long as, and indeed after the judgment belongs to an emergency situation, the traffic police will not be punished for us, on the contrary, we might as well make the appropriate assistance, such as help us open .

If the probe photographed in an emergency, do not hurry, only with valid credentials (such as emergency and other registration form or admission ticket valid basis) the date of appeal to the traffic team, the police verified the situation after obtain pardon and returned to us deduct scores.

Would like to share the

Short article, in fact, would like to share on two points, first of all we must comply with traffic regulations, to avoid the occurrence of violations of the law. Secondly, to enhance their legal awareness, in the face of the field of law enforcement, traffic police and staff must understand and confirm the content of regulations and penalties for violation of its own regulations, avoid text that we have encountered the occurrence of false penalty, because in many cases, we encounter the traffic police in the field of law enforcement, more of a psychological considered bad luck: anyway, he is also illegal, police said how slap on how to punish it, Renzai. But because of this mentality, it will allow us to communicate and process information confirming negligence and traffic police fined himself wrong do not know, thinking about how their own luck.

Edit remind you, if you find yourself being mistakenly fined, must be timely and transportation departments to communicate and appeals, leaving everything of evidence (the site open, according to the penalty decision) as soon as possible and transport sectors confirm their own situation, so You can come back in a short time to make up for the false penalty of loss. Otherwise, if they do not got the idea about it, do not mind, really want to wait until a complaint, it may be because after a long time increases the difficulty of evidence, that time can not compensate for the loss may hard to say.

I hope I can help this SMS to tell you, maintenance must be conscious of their rights, even if it is fined, have to figure it out, it can not be confused fined, but also want to stick to the line of traffic police it at the same time law enforcement must be careful not to select law enforcement "pipelined", so easily lead to traffic police in front of and behind the punishment hailed the open list of traffic generated by poor communication, resulting in erroneous penalty phenomenon.

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