How to reduce car formaldehyde hurt?

Formaldehyde, HCHO or chemical formula CH? O, formula weight 30.03, also known as ants aldehyde. Colorless gas, pungent odor of the eyes, nose and other stimulating effects, belonging to a class of carcinogens. Most of the formaldehyde produced in substandard housing decoration materials after, so the housing renovation unfit for immediate occupancy, long-term inhalation of formaldehyde, the body has a strong hazard, most lead to leukemia.

And why formaldehyde problem can be caused my car as a media person's attention? What really seems to not take sides, but in fact the problem of early formaldehyde selected materials appeared also in the car, and to heat it caused great harm to the owners, it will take advantage of formaldehyde to rub freely about the room to alert again hazards of formaldehyde inside the car.

Last year, Quanzhou Pan 260,000 purchased a new car, due to the multi-use, so be open every day, can open just over 20 days, felt difficulty breathing, dizziness, chest tightness, went to hospital for a check, the result of suffering myocarditis and ultra-fast beats and so on, after a brief treatment improved and discharged.

But when driving that car, and after 20 days, again discomfort, the doctor suspected inhalation of formaldehyde, but the houses are not just decoration, they think the problem lies in the car, the result of a measurement, conclusions for the inspection car in the formaldehyde, index of 0.114 mg/cubic meter, while the normal standard should be 0.08 mg/cubic meter, and after stopping the car, the body has to recover.

You know, the car formaldehyde on health problems caused by discomfort with the two cases, and some due to chronic absorption, not aware of any, and may even lead to miscarriage, birth defects and other problems, but now most of the car because the car will still material no way to completely eliminate formaldehyde. And some cars even if older, often in the summer time exposure will still emit formaldehyde gas.

How to avoid formaldehyde hurt?

If the family has children or pregnant women, we must take before buying a car interior materials include environmental protection one of the conditions to choose a car, in advance access to data models, and other models like the Volvo on the use of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material.

Buy carbon package, this step may seem redundant, but really useful, activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde and other gases can be effective. Many just purchased a new car, we will smell the pungent odor, which feel mixed with formaldehyde, it can greatly reduce the use of activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde concentration.

When the vehicle is not in use for a long time, be sure to open the door again to drive change air, especially in summer vehicle after exposure, but also to completely open air and then on the train, while the open outside the vehicle air-conditioning cycle, to ensure that air rotation.

Now many car has clean air air filtration system, the system can effectively filter out pm2.5 and other air quality problems, if any, are often open to use, if not the Internet can also be purchased air filter system, inexpensive .

to sum up:

Basically the car will be the presence of formaldehyde problem, but more or less, they do not exceed safety standards can be. But for health problems, it has always been our very pay attention, especially in such a chronic hazards, have to wait until the situation is really his body and then regret it too late. So his teammates a car owner, I suggest that the problem must be timely to avoid formaldehyde hurt yourself, take action on the root causes.

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