Body shake how to do?

Place in a vehicle traveling in the body shake, maybe the owners will especially be cautious of mind, but is still not clear what causes. If the vehicle meets the road traffic jitter, owner of the judge and how to solve? This issue, the reporter will organize jitter causes of the body under normal circumstances, the lifting occurs when the body sway owners of worries.

Slight jitter can check tire balance, severe jitter may be deformed steel ring.

If the driving process, the body was found a slight jitter or offsets, the tire is first thought factor. Possibly due to bad tire balance, the owners need to do a wheel alignment and balancing as soon as possible.

Another situation might be due to the deformation caused by the steel ring, which requires owners to repair shop to check. This situation usually occurs when you use a longer useful life of the vehicle body. General automotive replacement tires, tire balance have to do a new rims, otherwise no steering wheel when the weight average prone to the phenomenon of jitter.

Idle body shake implied three conditions

If the body was found idling jitter significantly, it may mean that the vehicle following three conditions exist:

The first is the hydraulic instability. If you have already cleaned up engine deposits, washed throttle, oil pads and spark plugs replaced, still found the body shake at idle, it is recommended to 4S shop to check the fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor, if the fuel supply pressure is not normal or intake pressure sensor values ??and error will lead to poor working body jitter. The best solution is to check the hydraulic pressure, the replacement components as necessary.

Followed by aging or engine components, such as engine aging feet are likely to occur so that the vehicle body jitter. Engine Mount fact suspension system of the engine, the engine is responsible for the absorption foot engine slight jitter at the time of the operation, if the engine foot problems, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel, cab.

The third engine throttle is too dirty or too much coke cause jitter injector. When too much carbon, cold start fuel injector is discharged head absorbs carbon, resulting in a cold start mixture too lean, difficult to start. After the soot adsorbed on the car gasoline will be sucked into the vacuum suction cylinder combustion engine, air-fuel mixture becomes rich, when the lean combustible mixture rich when the engine, resulting in idle shake. The solution is to clean the oil, check whether the idling motor carbon deposition should be cleaned.

The reasons of the vehicle shake