How to identify fake glass of water?

Automotive glass of water used is generally divided into summer 0 using water glass and winter -20 , -35 glass of water, the main function is aggressive cleaning dust on the car windshield, stains, shellac rapid removal of guano , grease, and other foreign cream.

Although inexpensive glass of water, but the proliferation of fake, then how to choose high-quality automotive glass of water right thing to do?

First, in order to select the right car glass of water, you first need to figure out the difference between the pros and cons of automotive glass of water.

1, high-quality automotive glass of water:

By car as deionized water plus additives and various environmental water glass, with decontamination, flooding water, antifreeze, anti-static, anti-corrosion functions. Can effectively remove dust, oil, gasoline and diesel, residual polishing waxes, gums, bird feces, shellac and the like on the highway. Quickly to disperse rain on the windshield, the driver of the windshield to avoid ambiguity in the heavy rain. Can neutralize the charge of the windshield wiper and substances in the air generated by friction, enhancing effect of the conductive glass surface, anti-blocking static electricity charge to prevent adsorption of dirt, affect vision.

2, PH value is always in a neutral, non-metal ions, no corrosive effect on the car paint, rubber, metal. A protective film may be formed on the windshield, automotive glass to make more clear, non-corrosive paint for automobiles, no effect on rubber swelling solvent.

3, poor quality glass of water will often precipitate, color, taste and other conditions.

Due to the high alcohol content which contains, it will have an adverse effect automotive paint, automotive paint damage gloss, hardness, and the rubber and plastic parts in contact will produce expansion solubilization, reducing the hardness of these parts and generate color differences. As the automotive glass of water after cleaning the glass will flow into the vicinity of the air-conditioning vent, glass of water along the volatile odors will enter the ventilation ducts car air-conditioning to the cab, metamorphic moldy glass of water and a glass of water produced by the poor quality chemical raw materials noxious odors are volatile, it will become invisible killer endanger the owner's health.

Second, how to identify fake cheap glass of water?

Winter low temperatures, easy car windshield glass of ice, in order not to affect the line of sight to ensure traffic safety that people have started to buy a glass of water for protection, but the market has a lot of water and glass can not really achieve the effect of publicity, then it is It will introduce five o'clock how to identify water quality glass and glass water features and principles, hope to provide you with convenient and safe travel.

1, more abundant water glass to plastic foam decontamination ability is stronger

It must first shake vigorously several times in the purchase of a glass of water to see if the inside of the foam rich, because the more the foam showed that the more active agent it contains. Of course, how much foam is not a good or bad decision conditional glass of water, have to look at whether foam fine foam fine glass of water containing an anionic surfactant is more environmentally friendly, if very large glass of water and foam expands too large, indicating that the glass of water environmental protection is poor.

2, antifreeze properties

Antifreeze properties of the glass of water is very important, especially for colder weather in the north, if the performance is not good frost glass of water, it will affect the line of sight to bring traffic safety problems, the first is to look at the price of a glass of water, at the time of purchase must be to a regular store to buy, the price of a regular glass of water in general in more than 20 yuan. In addition, it is best to purchase the 4S shop please look professional and technical personnel detected by detection equipment, so using them is relatively safe and secure.

3, watching the liquid viscosity

Water glass as rubber wiper lubrication and corrosion play a role in the more viscous active ingredient it contains. Normally when we can first buy the bottle upside down and speed of the bubbles rising inside, if slow rise of explanation is more viscous. Also, you can feel the hand, so that more intuitive.

4, anti-fog function

Monomolecular film layer of high quality glass of water will form on the glass surface, can effectively avoid glass windshield generating mist. The general would not have this feature glass of water, sprayed on the windshield glass will be painted flowers, more vague.

5, the water glass to see the presence or absence of impurities

To see whether the deterioration of water glass, more convenient way is to bottle upside down, to see whether or precipitate inside or impurities, the quality of the water glass should be crystal clear, and if the object will be described floc water glass had gone bad, do not use the best.

Third, you can make automotive glass of water?

Automotive glass of water is a consumable, owners often have to produce their own, but a glass of water to produce their own easy to plug the vents, the winter ice, because water there is bacteria, silt, deterioration of water on the glass over time, generate floc It would have stuffed,

1, with pure water

Generally do not use tap water or well water, pure water should be used, because the pure water after a disinfection treatment, a long time resulting in no clogging orifices floc.

2, with detergent

Do not use detergent, such nozzle clogging easily, easy to use detergent dissolved in water, once with 3-5 ml can.

3, glass water winter

Need to add alcohol, generally in accordance with 15-30?can reach minus claims 8-15 degrees

4 Notes

Winter must join things like antifreeze, or water tank is easily damaged by frost, of course, cost analysis, homemade glass of water and worthwhile.

Summary: Finally a reminder, if one-time purchase large glass of water, usually pay attention to store water when the glass must be stored in a cool place, do not be direct sun, or the glass of water is very perishable. In short, I hope you will seriously remember to buy the above techniques and methods, which can buy automotive glass of water to a bed of roses, oh.

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