Automotive Troubleshooting Tips 10

Driving on the road, will inevitably encounter some inevitable failures, some cases require immediate access to the repair shop for maintenance, and in some cases, but they can not spend a penny, can be solved simply through their own process. If you are in the face of failure, is in the remote suburbs or inconvenient to go 4S shop, taught himself these simple tips to deal with failure is particularly important, so-called "chronic illness into health", by learning to master some simple emergency repair methods at the critical moment comes in handy.

Fault: morning launched the car shake

Analysis: When a cold start is a lot of jitter gasoline engine models common problems. Its main reason is not complete combustion in the cylinder, resulting in insufficient power vehicle, the vehicle took place jitter.

Quick solution: If it is not working because the individual cylinder valve closed lax due to be on the block at high speed 3-speed or more than four runs for a while, the symptoms can disappear. If the heat does not shake the car, but the shift is not suitable, there may be an uneven amount of fuel injection nozzle is necessary to detect the cleaning, it would need to process a professional service facility.

Fault: the brake feel easy as before

Analysis: For driving, the most terrible way to brake failure. As a minimum, the most important core of active safety technology, safety critical automotive brake almost in the key. Sometimes we encounter the brake is not completely fail, but obviously feel the brakes when the pedal is low, soft, obviously feeling the braking force is not enough.

Quick solution: to step on the brake kicks in when a red light, the phenomenon can be improved, if improvement is not obvious, or piece brake system has come to life, they need to be replaced immediately, repaired.

Fault: vehicle deviation

Analysis: Most drivers found the car deviation, the first idea is to do wheel alignment, it is not. Car deviation so there are many reasons, such as the degree of tread wear is not the same as would be wandering, suspension system design problems or injuries suspension, deformation, displacement, and so on. Despite many reasons, but we found that most car owners should be aware of when to bring the car tires and suspension system deviation or whether there is an exception.

Quick solution: the deviation direction of the front wheels or the other direction to increase pressure to lower tire pressure, a slight deviation phenomenon will improve, if not improve, immediately to the professional repair shop to check.

Problem: Door handle becomes loose or tight turn the key, astringent

Analysis: prolonged use, wear and tear will inevitably be encountered loose door handle, turned the key, or difficult, the strong pull vigorously cut by mistake, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Quick solution: open the front door, the side will see a plastic cover open to see inside a screw loose a few laps from the outside will be able to pull out the lock cylinder, which has a pull button on the handle, adjust the tightness pull on it. After the door seal screws blocked, fiddle hand open, prior to installation, with grease inside the cylinder, so that the handle and the door lock will ease, the recovery ever.

Fault: Fuel tank damage

Analysis: In use the motor vehicle, when driving especially in areas with poor road conditions, there may occur damage to the tank.

Quick Solution: If found leak from the tank, the leaks can be wiped clean with soap or bubble gum coated in oil, the temporary clogging play role. If conditional, with epoxy adhesive patch, effect is better.

Fault: pipeline rupture

Analysis: After continuous test of cold and hot weather, many vehicles will occur naturally aging rubber parts, then if it is aging oil pipeline leak occurred not only affect the normal running of the car, but also lead to spontaneous combustion danger. So encountered direct approach to this situation is to first solve the problem of plugging.

Quick solution: when the pipeline leak was found to be suspended immediately, turn off the engine, and check out the leak, then wipe the surface of the oil, then soap or bubble gum stuck in leaks, carefully wrapped tightly with tape last , makeshift repair to the nearest repair shop as soon as possible.

Fault: Various pipeline break

Analysis: prolonged use, a variety of pipeline aging, if you encounter broken also continue driving adventure, danger is very likely to occur.

Quick Solution: If the broken line, the vehicle with the pneumatic hose available, whichever is appropriate length, both ends of the tubes are inserted in the broken skin, and then wire, tape, etc. cinching, ensure no leakage. Pipeline close to the speakers where they are most easily broken. If this happens, the first tube removed, with a file filing or grinding tube breakage, and punch with a cross screwdriver tapered around gently pry expansion orifice, able to do a simple the bell. In this way, we do not use the same does not leak oil.

Fault: oil pipeline joints

Analysis: When using a motor vehicle, such as engine oil pipe joints, mostly flared tubing and the tubing is not sealed due to the nut.

Quick Solution: Available yarn wound around the lower edge of the horn, and then the flare nut screwed pipe joint; bubble gum may also be chewed or maltose into a paste, coating the flare nut pocket, let it dry curd newcomer seal.

Fault: inlet and outlet hose rupture

Analysis: Long-term use of aging hose, easily broken, if the radiator inlet hose rupture during driving, splashes out of the water will form a large group of high temperature water vapor discharged from the engine under cover, this phenomenon when should choose safe parking place immediately, and then to take urgent measures to solve.

Quick Solution: When water radiator, the hose joints most prone to cracks and leakage, then you can use scissors to cut the damaged site, and then re-inserted into the hose inlet fitting on the radiators, and with the clamp or iron Szymborska tight.

If the gap in the middle of the hose can be wrapped with adhesive tape tie leakage gap, before the first wrapped bundle clean hose, etc. leaking parts drying, the tape is wound around the hose leaks, since the water in the engine when the hose high pressure, so try the tape tight. If you do not have blankets, plastic sheets can also be wrapped around the first gap, then cut into strips of old cloth wrapped around the hose. Sometimes hose large gap, the wrapped bundle may still leak, then the tank lid may be opened to reduce the pressure within the waterway, reduced leakage. After taking these measures, the engine speed is not too fast, to try to upshift driving, running water table also pay attention to the position of the pointer, and found to be supplementary cooling water to cool down or stop when the water temperature is too high. Of course, the most important thing is to go as soon as possible replacement of water pipes.

Fault: broken fan belt

Analysis: fan belt is generally used in the V-belt type A, because it is relatively thin rubber products, easy to wear and fracture. Therefore, the fan belt is a spare drive will bring. In fact due to the supplement is not timely or other reasons, often leaving a spare fan belt in the car, not many people. So we often see on the road because there is no spare fan belt breaks, leading to engine overheating stalled car. Typically the fan belt is not suddenly cut off suddenly, from lack of adjustment in most cases due to relaxation worn rubber portion, resulting in cracking of the belt off the belt from the belt pulley. So, if it can be difficult to find early detection. But this time many people often overlook the examination, that the belt is not accidentally fall off in rotation and move on after installation, with the result that the belt rift deeper and deeper, eventually completely disconnected, unable to move.

Quick solution: Should you notice relatively late, on the belt on the road has been cut off, it will immediately stop charging, charge warning light will shine. This time, it should stop immediately, otherwise it will quickly cause the engine to overheat, still can not continue driving. Broken fan belt above the printed size. Could not find a nearby auto repair shops, can hold the original belt, according to the dimensions indicated above, to the hardware store to buy. If you can not buy, you can also think of ways to borrow or buy a pair of women's nylon stockings, crankshaft, water pumps, generators, three flexible belt drive up, try to make a taut knot, and cut the remaining section grow. Take this approach, as long as the travel speed is not fast, you can ensure that you are safe to drive the truck back. If not driving at night, but not very far away from the destination, simply connect the crankshaft and water pump pulley on it, to reduce the load, at the same time, two wheels are more easily secured. To alleviate some throttle driving. Otherwise, too much fuel, nylon stockings will be slippery, with fixed pulley.

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