How to buy car insurance?

After many owners buy a car, car dealers often commissioned together with insurance agents, so really easy to do a lot, but your wallet but a few small bills. If you are a busy person, I do not care about this "little money" Bale; if you still care about the price difference, then, to find their own insurance company now. Shanghai insurers to "send home" businesses have incentives, discounts ranging from 5?o 15?r

Do not think the process is difficult, in fact, as long as you go insurance company's service hotline a call on the line, down the phone beep step by step to contact the insurance company will take the initiative to come to you.

Let auto dealers, insurance agents there is a deficiency, is an opportunity you do not have freedom of choice, because car dealers will be at a fixed insurance companies. So, when you give the car insurance, it's best to compare prices and services, be sure to make yourself Heart.

So do not worry about the future claims will be in trouble. What happened, just look for the sign the agreement with your insurance salesman right now insurance companies are playing "war service", and believe that he will not neglect "God."

Car damage insurance and liability insurance

Caustic danger is to buy, there is no room selected. But one thing, if your car just after his own, or open only a few relatives and friends, then you can put them to provide basic information to the insurance company, calling for "pilot agreement", so you can enjoy certain concessions.

As for the third party liability insurance, there is a compensation limit (that is, an accident insurance company pay up to how many) problems. Usually 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, and several grades. Look at their own situation right, the need to pay compensation limit high premium the more. But I recommend that novices best to protect it, because the premium difference is not great. Third party liability insurance with PICC example, 200,000 limit, the premium 1800 yuan; while the limit of 1 million, the premium it is only 2184 yuan.

Everyone must be concerned about the things of compulsory third party liability insurance and floating rates. According to industry sources, compulsory third party liability insurance will be introduced in the second half of this year, when, all vehicles must be on the insurance. However, compulsory third party liability insurance limits of liability will be relatively low, most people need to choose commercial third party liability insurance as a supplement. As for third-party liability insurance rates floating thing, playing the spirit of twelve novices have to be, do not leave a bad sum on your "piece of paper" driving record, which will make after the annual premium you pay more, even for a insurance company.

What to buy additional insurance

Beginners get a new car, a small accident occurred bumps is normal, the face of the beloved car is not very distressed? So, choose what to take additional risk, and a few more layers of protection for their car.

There are 10 kinds of additional risks common for private cars, it is in addition to car damage and third party liability insurance. For example: "Glass breakage alone" corresponds to the car caustic danger "glass breakage alone" not lose predetermined; "entire vehicle pilfer" corresponds car caustic danger of "whole vehicle theft vehicle is robbed, robbed "Do not pay provisions.

I recommend that you can be "exclusion" in the choice, in addition to the natural loss insurance, a stopped vehicle insurance, car insurance and other goods falling outside unusual insurance, other insurance, especially the whole car pilfer, body scratches insurance , glass breakage alone, vehicle (person) liability insurance, insurance and other non-deductible special recommendations on Turbuhaler.

Of course, if your car is usually ride with family and friends, and been insured life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance, there is no need a car insurance liability insurance. The car has a good anti-theft system, and there is a safe parking location and relatively fixed driving area, pilfer money can be saved.

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