How to build the driver of the car

Comes to driving pleasure, there may be a lot of friends out of it, some fierce power, acceleration must be strong, so that only driving pleasure. Yes, accelerate fast car indeed have a strong driving pleasure, but one off the reins of the scourge is not everyone can manage. If this problem let a seasoned racer answer, then I believe his answer must be "good to open the car, obedient car, this car only has a wealth of driving pleasure"!

Powerful power is not necessarily fun

Power value can be sufficiently strong to cause the secretion of adrenaline, to achieve quickly, an effect of stimulus. But if you have limited driving level, this time to manage a horsepower car, probably a very dangerous thing.

These cars on the map, dynamic parameters are among the highest, but no solid two wanted to experience the driving pleasure, is one such possible consequences. Of course, this kind of driving pleasure is not, as said at the beginning, if it is seasoned an experienced racer, their advice is likely to be a driving force in general, but the chassis to be absolutely obedient.

Even a family car, if we can upgrade some good handling, driving pleasure will also make you with admiration. For example, the modification can adjust the height of the cutter teeth hard and soft suspension, dress more thick anti-roll bars, as well as simple strengthen the body parts, these modified parts if you do not pursue brand-name products, the cost is also not very terror but the effect is indeed very significant.

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