Daily car car crash bad habits

It is said that there are now owners of these habits, often turn off after listening to the radio, smoke in the car and so on. In ordinary life in the car, everyone more or less done some things car crash, some obscure operating the vehicle but it will cause great harm. Which in the end the wrong way will ruin the car? Today, we are concerned that.

Direction and killed

When relatively narrow parking place, a lot of people are used to kill and then reversing the wheel, because the already small parking spaces, so to get the car turned to a greater angle as much as possible. In fact, the position of the steering wheel end is limited by a stopper, the stopper is in a rack. If the long side killed, it may cause stopper sliding on the rack, resulting in not allowed directions. The correct approach is not to kill the round, leaving a certain margin.

During deceleration with the deceleration is not

Speed ??bump in the eyes of many owners simply be to ignore the role of speed humps is to decelerate the vehicle, because there may be school or in front of the crosswalk when the driver at a rapid rate through, may not only hit the front of the pedestrian, and also cause damage to the vehicle suspension.

Hot car for too long

In winter, many owners accustomed to long hot car, in fact, this is completely unnecessary. Long hot car is not only no good, it will exacerbate the soot formation, the speed should be reduced to the normal area, slow-running position to resist, until the water temperature, then high gear traveling.

Turn off the electricity

It is possible to listen to while you get used to car shock of the song, but this time the vehicle has been stalled, the vehicle's battery out without a long time this will reduce battery performance and cars are likely to beat the fire when you are ready to go a.

Handbrake pull dead

If you are as big as a cow strength, then pull the hand brake when you had better pay attention, because the metal cable or over-stretched for long periods of excessive tensile deformation will accelerate aging, lead to the handbrake cable loose or broken. The correct method is to pull the handbrake hear the voice of 4,5 da da sound can be.

Smoking car

Tar fumes spit there, all right once or twice, for a long time in the car smoking tar let secondhand smoke adsorbed on the ceiling, over time the car roof will naturally yellow, and ash will fall into the seat corners next to the chair, the clean up is also a lot of trouble, plus the car smell, passengers will receive a bad ride comfort.

Park your car on the Banpo

I often see some people parked in the slope, but only because the tension residential parking spaces, the owners had no choice to do so. Long-term car parked in the slope, would be suspension, brake system damage, for automatic models, the transmission will be adversely affected.

Frozen wipers

In the winter, due to low temperatures, the wipers may be frozen at this time if you have to make it work force, wiper motor may be damaged. At this point if there is snow on the window, then the snow first with a duster to wipe clean the car, after traveling the road until the water temperature rises, with warm breezes front windshield, natural snow will gradually dissipate.

Do not rush to start after oil

Especially in winter, not long after the car starts situ hot car. Of course, after the surge in oil starts anxious to stop the practice is wrong, just started, the oil pump has only just begun to work, the internal parts of the engine has not been fully covered by the oil. At this time, the suspension member and, like the gearbox is a low temperature state, the high-speed gear can cause damage to these parts.

Tank bottom before refueling

Some owners are lazy, some car owners pay no attention to the fuel gauge position, which caused the fuel gauge to the red zone alarm even before going to the gas station. Is the use of gasoline pump motor to cool, low oil level does not bring its coverage, which will affect its heat, reduce the service life.

Down has been on the brakes

Obviously, continuous walk down the hill you had to take frequent braking, sometimes even longer to slam the brakes. Due to prolonged braking, brake system there will be thermal decay, which is quite dangerous. The correct approach is to use a low gear so that the engine braking, automatic models case the manual shift mode to tune into.

Summary: These are bad habits destroy the car, I believe there is more bad habits I missed, after writing the article can be considered to own and everyone mind you, to correct these bad habits destroy the car as soon as possible!

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